Saturday, July 25, 2020

A Private Issue and a Private Signing

It's been awhile since I showed off a Cutch 22 card.  Today's card that is jersey serial numbered is a 2019 Topps Gallery Wal-Mart exclusive Private Issue parallel.
The Private Issue has a stamp on the bottom right of the card, but I don't see any additional details that seperate it from the base card.
The Private Issue parallels are numbered to only 250 copies. This particular copy is serially numbered 22/250, thus making it a Cutch22 addition.

Speaking of Private Issues, I received my autograph Nike jersey from a private signing with Andrew McCutchen.

Many thanks to Rod of Padrographs for giving me the tip about the private signing.
Be sure to follow Rod if you aren't already following him.

This is my 1st autograph jersey of Cutch.  I chose the Phillies because only Nike jerseys were available for the signing and he obviously never wore a Nike jersey while playing with the Pirates, Giants, or Yankees.