Monday, July 20, 2020

What once was old is now new

A few weeks ago I received my COMC order which contained a very awesome buyback autograph numbered 1/1.

Andrew McCutchen was included in the 2018 Topps Archives Autograph Active Player Edition.  Unfortunately there were no cards of his actually inserted into the packs.  They were all redemptions. 

I discussed awhile back how I received one in a group break.  You can revisit the post from almost two years ago here.

Topps Heritage cards and Allen & Ginter make great materials for buyback autographs.

Here is a picture of all 15 of my 1/1 Archives Buyback Autos.
The top corner Bowman Best cards may look similar, but one is a Refractor, the other is a base.


  1. Tino is in the 2020 set and all of his are very pricey right now. I’m going to wait it out a bit.

  2. Fifteen 1/1 buyback autographs? Holy stromboli. That's awesome.

  3. very impressive collection. Just simply on awe.