Friday, July 3, 2020

Did I Do That?

While I was scanning in my first wave of the Cutch SP 2020 Challenge cards, I noticed something...different about the backs of the cards I had acquired on the same day.

This got me thinking back to a few months ago when Topps posted on Twitter about the vintage logo Topps currently used for their vintage parallel.

I doubt I changed the production, but feel like I may have actually made Topps aware of their laziness with my posts.

This was the original tweet.
It's actually a good question because in my research I dont see Topps using that logo for their base sets for any year.

I responded with why don't they make the vintage backs appear more vintage like when they were a Target exclusive.

Two other Twitter trolls tried to argue that they do make vintage stock, but I put them in place when I showed this picture comparing the backs which look identical sans a serial number.

I don't have any 2020 Series 1 to compare if the backs are the same colors for base and vintage, but I can confirm that they are different in Series 2, well at least Andrew McCutchen is.
As you can see the vintage design (on top) numbered to 99 copies is darker than the blue parallel (under) numbered to 50 copies.

This is what I was hoping for when I made those tweets.  Make the vintage have a more vintage, less glossy, darker card back than any of the traditional cards.

Does anyone know the history of the Topps "umbrella logo"?

What year was it actually printed on the cards?


  1. I don't know exact year. I associate that logo with late 60s to the 70s. I seem to recall that 1979 baseball has that logo pretty prominently as part of the design. I think it was sometime maybe mid 1980s that they changed it. I think it was still around 1985-6 for football.

  2. The only time I remember seeing that logo on the front of a Topps baseball card was in 1979. They've also used them on baseball card wax wrappers from 1966 to 1980 (maybe earlier?). They also used that logo on their 1977 Topps Star Wars wax pack wrappers.

  3. I've only pulled one vintage stock parallel (Wade Davis) and the card stock felt different, if not vintage to me. It would be neat if Topps took your hint and improved on the parallel cards.

    That umbrella logo was gone before I started collecting, and I'm not sure when they started using it. I know I've seen it in late-'70s issues, up until at least 1981.

  4. I believe the first time the Topps umbrella logo appeared on baseball cards was on the back of the cards in the 1969 set. It's where the card number is.

    The '79 set is the first time it shows up on the front. It shows up again on the backs of the '81 set. Then Topps changed their logo look, which you can see on the front of the '83 set.