Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Some Rules Are Black & White

Andrew McCutchen opened up about his brief time in New York and said that their hair policy takes away players indivuality.  The article can be found on various platforms, but is available here via Fox Sports.
The Yankees have a very clear, no grey area policy regarding their hair policy. 
Even with the lack of his beard and shorter locks, Cutch made it known that he still liked having fun in New York.
He did say that he enjoyed his time in New York and considered it an honor to wear the pinstripes.


  1. I agree with him. Stupid outdated policy. Loved having him in NY for a short time.

  2. I'll never understand how such a likeable guy ended up playing for my two most disliked teams.

  3. I did see his comments about that and he's right. The Yankees are all about tradition and I get why they have that policy, but he's hardly the first player to question the policy. Don Mattingly challenged it like 30 years ago, so it's definitely long overdue.

  4. Cutch, Johnny Damon, Andrew Miller - the list of follicle greatness stunted by that team is a long and sad one.

  5. Nice autograph. Outdated policy.