Monday, July 6, 2020

Cutch SP Challenge Day 3: Immaculate Savings

Day 3 of the 2020 SP Cutch Frenzy Challenge delivered an awesome card for the Cutch collection that I didn't already have.  It was an immaculate haul and helped offset some of the prices I overpaid for the two 2020 parallels (vintage and fathers day blue) due to the relatively new release.

If you aren't familar with my 2020 SP Frenzy Challenge I took the funds available that could have been spent on buying the 2020 SP Cutch "swag" photo variant and instead used it to buy items I needed for my Cutch collection.  The real challenge was I could only buy cards at the height of the SP Frenzy when they were going for $200-$300 regularly.  This all occurred between the evening of June 27th to the morning of June 30th.  Roughly 48 hours was the stretch of this card going for on average $250.

I was able to knock out 1 card on my top 10 list during that time and also was able to add an on card autograph too.  These are both pretty sweet adds to the collection if you asked me.

I had the 1/1 version of the autograph you're going to see below, but being able to add another on card autograph with a print run of ONLY 5 COPIES to the collection seemed like a good move.

People can hate on Panini for not having logos, but when they choose images like this, it's not as noticeable as other images they choose to use. The piping is still noticable on the pants for the team colors and the helmet is turned at a way that you can't tell the "P" is missing.
The card was purchased through an eBay auction via Seven Out Cards & Collectibles
It came shipped incredibly well and I highly recommend them for any future auctions they have.

The card ran me $38.25 delivered.
This brings the totals for the SP Frenzy Challenge to $83.14

That may sound like a lot of money (and it is), but that is still only ONE THIRD the price the 2020 SP Cutch card was getting at the height of the frenzy.  I still had over $160 to play with for getting cards I need during the SP Frenzy Challenge.  I'm still waiting on my COMC order (obviously) and about a dozen other eBay purchases to roll in.


  1. Fantastic card! I'm a huge fan of Immaculate as you probably know, and I'll mention my newest acquisitions soon. They're not nearly as impressive as finding an on-card auto of a star player (#d/5) for under $40. That's a much better buy than the "swag" SP for sure!

  2. awesome last few posts. I was just looking at those cutch cards on ebay cause i was curious myself. The SSP that is actually kinda rare went for 75.22. Less then the easier to find 1 in 7 pack one, people are nuts.

  3. Congratulations on adding another low #'d autograph to your Cutch PC. As for hating Panini... it's not their fault that they don't have an MLB license. I'm sure they'd love to give their collectors cards featuring logos. That being said... I typically don't go out of my way to purchase their logo-less cards unless it's too good of a deal to pass up.