Friday, November 27, 2020

A Strange Black Friday

It's Black Friday and things feel much different this year.

Thanksgiving was not the normal routine of getting together with family and me and Miss CollectingCutch didn't do our normal Black Friday rituals.

I actually chose to work today rather than use personal time off.  

I mean, why not? There's nothing to do.

Although I would like to get some new clothes.
This Black Friday card from 2013 features a very stylish McCutchen.

The back features a common incorrect spelling of McCutchen's last name.
I am not sure why people spell it as McCutcheon but many people make the mistake.

McCutcheon is of Scottish descent.
I don't think Cutch is Scottish.


  1. McCutcheeeeon! Hope Black Friday at work isn't too bad. My company is off, but like you said, there's really not anything to do. I'll just hang around, maybe out up the Christmas lights.

  2. Happy Black Friday! What a sharp looking card, spelling error notwithstanding.

  3. Hey, I've got a card of "Willie Mayes", so nothing surprises me when it comes to misspelling baseball player names. But, yeesh, the correct spelling is right there above it.

  4. I'm sure I'm one of those people who have spelled it McCutcheon. Last Thanksgiving the entire Fuji Clan got together in Lake Tahoe to spread my mom's ashes. This year we celebrated in a Zoom meeting with 9 different computers. It wasn't the same. This year was definitely different.

  5. That is a nice Cutch. The shirt kind of goes with the black vibe of the card.

  6. Name typos are the worst. Everybody does it, but, ouch, it hurts.

    I'm actually enjoying not getting badgered about Black Friday sales as usually happens. Low-key is nice.

    And speaking of low-key, my Thanksgiving was exactly the same this year as last year. Three people each time.