Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought I would give thanks by showing a piece of artwork that easily jumps up the charts to my favorite piece of artwork I own.
It's a simple sketch of the Pirates logo, but did you see who sketched it?
The 5xAll-Star, 4xSilver Slugger, Gold Glove, MVP winning centerfielder of the Pirates is the correct answer.

Yes I own a piece of artwork by Andrew McCutchen.  

Cutch is known as being a celebrity that will draw to assist any charity events and has even visited Pittsburgh hospitals to draw with the kids who are suffering from life threatening diseases.  

This piece of artwork was auctioned off for St Francis Food Pantries annual event.  By clicking on the link you can see some of the artwork that is going to generate money for this year's Doodle For Hunger event.

Here is the complete sketch framed along with a photo of Cutch and the nameplate from the event.  
It's not everyday that a former MVP winner does artwork to generate money to help food pantries, but I am grateful and thankful that I was able to add this to the collection. 


  1. Every now and then, you show off something and I think to myself "That's got to be the highlight of his collection!" Then you show something else and prove me wrong. This is awesome! Congrats!

    1. Maybe I will do a top 10 items in the collection that aren't cardboard related.

  2. Although you've shown off sketches that are far more elaborate on this blog... this one is super cool. Can't imagine many of us can say they own a sketch from their favorite player. And like you said... it was for a good cause.

  3. That is really cool! What a nice item to have in your collection.