Sunday, November 1, 2020

The 4th Annual Recap

The Steelers have a very tough matchup today against division rivals, Baltimore Ravens.  I know what I will be doing this afternoon. 

Let's look at the cards that were shown off last month for my Save Second Base Event.  Only pink(ish) cards were shown off during the event and thanks to everyone who participated across the many blogs. There were more comments on the blog this year than ever before and there were more people sharing their pink cards in posts than ever before.  We hit the $400 donation.

Thank You!!!!!!

Solo cards of Cutch
2018 Topps Chrome pink refractor PSA10

2011 Lineage jersey relic (1975 design)

2018 Topps On Demand 1978 purple parallel /75

2018 Donruss 1984 Retro Design Pink /25

2017 Topps Mini 1987 Pink /25

2013 Topps Archives Day Glow parallel

2015 Topps Heritage Mini/100 1966 design

2019 Topps Tek pink /75

2017 Topps Heritage Throwback parallel 1968 design

2018 Topps Heritage Black Refractor /69 1969 design

2018 Topps Update Don't Blink red /10

Magenta Plates
2017 Topps Gallery

2007 Just Minors Dual Signatures Uncirculated with Billy Rowell

2015 Topps #127 completed set of 2014 League Leaders

Beckett Baseball Monthly December 2013 Cover

2017 Allen & Ginter Framed Mini 

Stadium Series
2019 Topps Mini Citizens Bank Park pink /25
Andrew has been playing in Citizens Bank Park as his home ballpark for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

2019 Topps Mini Yankee Stadium pink /25
Cutch played the month of September and ALDS for the Yankees in 2018.  He is also listed on the back as part of the starting lineup

Cardboard Cameos
2019 Topps Austin Barnes Pink Mini /25
(Cutch is pictured in background of card)

2014 Topps Mini Pink 2013 League Leaders
(McCutchen is 7th in batting average on back)

2016 Topps Pink Astros "New Order" Checklist
(McCutchen is card 20 on checklist)

2019 Topps Pink "Milwaukee Menaces" Checklist
(McCutchen is card 395 on checklist)

2019 Topps Mini Adam Frazier pink /25
Name cameo on back of card

2018 Topps Pirates Team Card pink /50
Name cameo on back

2020 Donruss Josh Bell
Name cameo on the back of the card

Art Cards
2020 Blake Jamieson spray painted 2019 Gary Vee Topps Direct cards

Falco Files 
(cards that feature a player that replaced Andrew McCutchen via trade, injury, or jersey number worn)

2019 Chronicles Obsidian Purple Bryan Reynolds autograph
Reynolds was part of the trade that sent Andrew McCutchen to the Giants

2019 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor DJ LeMahieu
DJ took over the #26 jersey left vacant when Andrew McCutchen left for free agency to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies

2014 Bowman Sterling Magenta Auto Kyle Crick
Kyle Crick was part of the trade package the Pirates received for Andrew McCutchen being traded to the San Francisco Giants

Memorable Big League Debuts
Jesse Hahn Elite Auto/10 pink
(Jesse's 1st MLB strikeout was against Andrew McCutchen)

Most Wanted Card To Add To Collection
2016 Topps Update Pirates Mateys pink /50
McCutchen and Harrison

Who can we get on the board for next year?
I'm thinking Jenny McCarthy needs to show up finally.  She was always a favorite of mine to look at when I was younger.


  1. Already found a pink card that was hiding in plain sight to post next year.

    Congratulations on another great year!

  2. Well done, as always! Thanks for all you do to help breast cancer awareness.

  3. Very impressive breast-cancer-awareness-focused collection as always. You got me to donate.

  4. Was a lot of fun and happy to help spread the word on this every year

  5. Thank you for another great year, some great ladies, and great cards too.

  6. Loved all of your pink posts... and all of the pink posts you inspired the rest of the blogosphere to write. Can't wait to see how you connect Jenny and Cutch next year.

  7. So great to see all the cards. Thanks.

  8. Congrats on hitting that donation goal! You are awesome!

  9. Great job! Thanks for doing this. I already have my cards picked out for next year!! How has Jenny McCarthy not been a part of this yet? I'll throw out Rosario Dawson as a potential for next year.

    1. DANG! I see you've already featured her in 2018. How about Stacy Dash or Kirsten Dunst?