Friday, November 6, 2020

Let's talk about another pair I saved in October

Allen & Ginter has long been a favorite product for me.  I love the quirkiness of the product by combining baseball players with other celebrities and complete randomness (egg, bitcoin, etc).  It also always has fun inserts to chase that aren't baseball related like historical buildings, ancient animals, political figures, and so much more.  It is a fun product.

By far though, I love the minis and the multiple parallels the most.  

There are still a few parallels that I am chasing, but during the month of October I was able to grab a pair (no pun intended) of Allen & Ginter red backs hand numbered to 25 copies.

2014 was my favorite year for Ginter.  The design is awesome and the image used for Cutch is Cutch in his prime.

2017 should look kinda familar too because just over a week ago I showed off the magenta printing plate for this card.
The back is a very classy looking design as well.


  1. Nice cards! I'm not an A & G fan, but I am a McCutchen fan.

  2. I've always liked the hand-numbered cards in A&G for some reason. Makes them feel rarer, even though it's not true.

    1. I totally feel the same way. Kind of a weird weird phenomena.

  3. I second A.J.'s thought; hand-numbered cards feel more special to pull from a pack in my experience. Machine numbering wouldn't look right on cards with an old-time feel anyhow.