Monday, November 23, 2020


The Steelers are now a surprising 10-0 to start the season.  Amidst all this chaos that COVID-19 has caused this world, one thing this year has been consistent.  I have worn my black Troy Polamalu every Steelers game day this year.  It's a jersey I've had for about 10 years, but only wore it to in person game viewing.  With no in game attendance for much of the country, I subconsciously wore it in hopes that "things could get back to normal".  Then the Steelers won, so I wore it the next week and they won again.  Rinse and repeat 10 times and that brings us to the current state.

Is it superstitious?
Am I going to change my wardrobe this Thanksgiving when the Steelers face off against their division rivals, the Baltimore Ravens?
Absolutely not!

I have a very small collection of Troy (only about 40 cards), which is sad because he is my 2nd favorite football player ever behind only Jerome Bettis (about 300 cards).

Here are a few of my favorites.
This on card silver ink framed card is from Topps last year of Museum football. It's weird that football fans miss Topps products and baseball fans want Panini to get an MLB license.  This is by far and away my best card of Troy, the others are just base and parallels.
Above are the 9 best other cards of Troy I own.  I chose them either for their imagery, uniform, or being a parallel.  Maybe I can use the 2 pink parallels for a future Save Second Base.
This red parallel Topps Triple Threads is numbered to 50 copies and features a very neat fact on the back.
Troy batted .550 as All-State baseball player in his senior year.  What an athlete!!!

And here is an Andrew McCutchen card with name cameo of Troy Polamalu on the back.  
It is the Stars of Summer insert from 2014 Classics.
That is a cool looking insert!

Do you have any superstitions relating to watch sport events?


  1. When Michigan plays a game I go the entire week before NOT touching anything that resembles the colors of that weeks opponents, such as no RED, or grey, when they play Ohio State, no green during MSU week.

    Oh...I loved watch Polamalu play.

    Good Job. 👍

  2. I love that Chrome Polamalu where he is stretching with the ball!

  3. Not really. When the sports bar was open, I would wear an Eagles shirt on game day. More like a tradition than a superstition though.

  4. Nice McCutchen card. I'm sure I have superstitions. I used to only listen to NE Patriots games on the radio when doing yard work. I found it way better than watching them on TV.

  5. I used to, but now I don’t. I think it’s my fandom just becoming a little more relaxed as I get older.

  6. Polamalu was the man! Sweet autograph. Back in the day, I tried to buy an autograph of his, but they were way too expensive. As for superstitions... I don't really have any. But I will try to wear my team's jersey when they're in the playoffs.

  7. I consider myself to be a superstitious person, but don't have any when it comes to sports.