Thursday, November 19, 2020

Sorry Fuji, you don't win

A few days ago I posted a challenge to try and come up with a subject to stump me from connecting a random subject to something in my Andrew McCutchen collection.  I have had fun with these kinds of posts in the past. 

In the past I have reached out to try and connect a random thought to an Andrew McCutchen card I own.  I've done this with everything from chimichangasbutterscotch pudding and quotes from Elf, with my favorite of that group being "Six Inch Ribbon Curls" and of course my yearly month long October SAVESECONDBASE event where I connect only pink shaded cards to pretty ladies. 

Mark aka Fuji is currently dealing with parent/teacher conferences and suggested that subject to stump me from associating it with an Andrew McCutchen collectible in my collection. 
Mission failed!

This is the 2020 Topps of the Class set card for Andrew McCutchen.  These cards were offered as hobby shop exclusives for children bringing in their report card.  A child could receive 1 free pack per report card and the set consisted of 100 cards.  There was also a foil set limited to 299 copies that featured 25 players.
The back of the cards resemble a notebook along with a few recent years and career statline of the player along with a bit of accomplishments the player has had in their career. 

Because I knew I could knock out a post like this I eliminated it from the suggestions. 

I took the other suggestions and randomed them off.

Looks like I will be keeping the school theme and try to show off something relating to calculus in the future.  This should be easy as there are many card back stats continuously changing. Stay tuned for this weekend to see that post.  


  1. I'm not sure many of us would pass...The History of Andrew McCutchen Cards...but it would be a must attend class.

  2. Impressive. Mr. and Mrs. Collecting Cutch... your child is very creative and is one of the brightest bloggers on the internet. A+