Saturday, November 14, 2020

Let's Make This Card More Desirable

2020 Topps Museum used to be known as a high end product.  It has Museum in it's name for crying out loud.  That should be highest of quality.

Since Topps Museum debuted in 2013 there have been a number of releases that have eclipsed it as being a higher end.  

The most obvious is Transcendent which costs $26K a case.  Others include the 1 card per box products like Dynasty where you get a prime patch and on card autograph on a card sealed in a One-Touch.  Then there are other on card autograph products like Luminaries, Definitive, and even Five Star.

The short window Topps Museum had as being a top dog high end product are gone.  Nowadays it is upper middle class and that saddens me because I always liked the idea of a pack of Museum being a perfect lottery ticket.

You could get base cards (and parallels) which were perfect for set collectors. You had chances at 1/1 sketch cards or at least a reprint insert set inside every box.  There were guaranteed autographs (many of which were stars or rookies). And there were nasty patches to be had IN EVERY BOX!

Museum was a great product, but it has turned into being a Triple Threads boring younger brother. 

So let's take a Momentous Material Jumbo Patch of Cutch numbered to only 15 copies and discuss what would be needed to make this an even higher end release.
I love jumbo patch cards.  
Even if they contain sticker autos.

I think the card is awesome as is, but according to sales of 2020 autograph McCutchen cards it ranks below Triple Threads
As you can see cards like the ones below that are numbered to 18 or 25 copies sell for more money, which generally shows more demand and interest in those types of cards.
I prefer 1 jumbo patch than 3 smaller plain jerseys (or bats).

Would you rather have 1 jumbo patch of a player you collect OR 3 smaller plain relics (either bat or road grey jerseys)?


  1. Definitely one jumbo.

    To me, Triple Threads/Museum/Tier 1 and all those are confusing.

  2. I tend to buy on the cheap, so I often end up with the plain single relics, but I'd be more moved by an interesting multi-color patch than by simply having more plain pieces. I was actually bidding on a very nice Yoenis Céspedes patch auto yesterday, and I was willing to pay more than I normally would, but it still understandably went for more than I was willing to spend. A relic with multiple plain swatches is kind of boring.

    I'm happy to buy sticker autos when they're in the sub-$10 range, maybe a bit more for a superstar, but when you're selling a box with 10 autos and 10 other cards for >$250.00, they really ought to be on-card.

  3. If I was super rich and didn't have to worry about a budget, I'd say a nice patch over three swatches. But like Brett Alan... I usually end up with single colored swatches from the dollar bin.