Saturday, December 14, 2019

A Card from All Cards All The Time

Ray, the host of All Cardinals All The Time sent me a message about a week ago saying he had picked up a McCutchen card at a card show and was wondering if I needed it.  A few days later I had this sweet 2018 Chronicles Spectra Pink in my mailbox.

This isn't a new card to my collection as I had previously shown it off in October 2018 as part of my SaveSecondBaseEvent.  You can revisit that post here.  I featured Hayley Atwell in that post.

While the card isn't new, I am planning on using the card as part of a frankenset I am starting to put together.

The idea came to me when I was looking at all my duplicate serially numbered cards.  I am going to start a binder where the serial number prefix is treated as the card set number.

For example this will be treated as card #21.

Thanks for the push towards my next CollectingCutch goal Ray

More details to come in the coming weeks.

Join me tomorrow for a week long festivity of celebrating one of the best Christmas Movies in my opinion.


  1. Ah...reminiscent of the amazing Serial Insanity set that "$30 A Week Habit" did, but stopped showing in 2017.

    1. I was unaware of him doing that. Mine is going to be strictly McCutchen though

  2. Cool. Very unique Frankenset.