Monday, December 9, 2019

Crisis Week: Batwoman

Last night's Crisis event kicked off with an incredible ending that will lead to many more questions in the Arrowverse to come.  I won't reveal any spoilers, but Kevin Smith said it best when he compared the event to what happened in "the other universe" referring to what happened in the MCU's Avengers: Endgame heroics.

All I can say is more Kat McNamara is a good thing for the Arrowverse.

The event continues tonight on Batwoman at 8pm.

Batwoman is a show I haven't gotten into yet.  I am hoping that this Crisis on Infinite Earths event leads me to become a bigger fan of Batwoman.
Batwoman tells the story of Bruce Wayne's cousin who takes up the mantle of the caped crusader and protector of Gotham after Bruce has been missing for three years.  The character of Batwoman (Kate Kane) is portrayed on screen by Ruby Rose.  I have always liked Ruby Rose as an actress and model.  I featured a bit about her a few years ago during Shark Week when her movie, The Meg, was coming out.  You can revisit that post here.
Any girl with a tattoo of a Ninja Turtle on her arm is cool in my book.

For those that don't remember Ruby before her Justin Bieber style haircut, she used to have long blonde hair

Since Topps created their Triple Threads brand, Topps has always used their 1/1 base cards and even relic cards to have a red parallel they call Ruby.

Panini uses rubies in their products as well.  They use not only the name, but actual rubies in their Flawless product (along with Diamonds, Emeralds, and Sapphires)
The red parallel has 2 Rubies and a Diamond inserted.
The blue parallel has a Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphire.

Hopefully tonight's Batwoman episode is a real gem (pun intended).


  1. More Kat Mac is always a good thing. Now I'm really kicking myself for not following this show!

    Those Flawless cards are incredible. They must have cost a pretty penny for having actual gems embedded in them.

  2. I'm saving the episodes until they are all 5 out then I'm going to watch them all, probably this weekend.

  3. Can I watch just the 5 Crisis episodes and still understand what is going on? Or do I need to watch a bunch of other previous episodes for context? If that's the case, I'm not sure I'll have enough time to catch up on all of these different shows.

    1. I haven't watched an episode of Batwoman and haven't seen Supergirl since the first few episodes from a few years ago but have enjoyed it

  4. I should dive into some of those CW super hero shows. I regret not doing it or even watching that Batman one on fox since I am a huge Batman fan.

    I had to come check out your jewel post as well. I dig those!