Monday, December 16, 2019

Elf Week: Throne of Lies

All week long I will be showing off Andrew McCutchen baseball cards based on some of the best quotes from the Christmas comedy, Elf.

JediJeff got the ball rolling by using the line "You Sit On a Throne of Lies" when he recommended the quote yesterday.

That is certainly a funny quote and there have been some other really good ones suggested too.

Just before an epic fight between Buddy the Elf and a mall Santa, Buddy calls out the imposter Santa.

Topps has made a few errors in their production of cards over the years.

We know that Topps has made intentional errors in their Topps Heritage release to mimic the original year's errors.  Some of these include the "Pittsburfh" spelling and "playing multiple infield positions".  I have shown them off here.

Today though I want to look at the unintentional errors that are created because after all, they are sitting on a throne of lies.

Let's take a look at a few of them
This 2019 Archives release is supposed to be based off the the 1958 design.  All appears ok on the front.
However on the back it makes mention of Cutch receiving a fielding award in 2013.  Cutch won his only Gold Glove in 2012.
This was an unknown error and there are no corrected versions.

Topps made a mistake in 2012 Finest when they thought they would be releasing an autographed version of Andrew McCutchen's Franchise Finest card.  I wrote about it here.
This die cut chrome Refractor would have looked awesome as an autograph subject.
Unfortunately Topps forgot to put the sticker auto on it and the card was printed and released
The back even states the standard autograph signing statement that appears on the back of all Topps autograph cards.
To my knowledge this is the only KNOWN copy in existence, but it can be assumed based on actual production numbers from other players in the set that 15 copies were supposed to be produced with the auto. 

 Here are screenshots of Justin Verlander from a current $200 eBay auction.

Topps made another error when creating their 1983 inspired insert set last year in Series 1.
 The front has all the bells and whistles that the original had.  The blue is slightly brighter than the original used for the Pirates.
The back is where the lie is hidden yet again.  It states that on July 24 2017 Cutch led the Pirates over the Giants with a Grand Slam.  While Cutch was a key reason for the victory, it was his 3 run homer that helped push the Pirates over the Giants.  Cutch wouldn't hit a grand slam until September 2017.
There are no corrected versions.

By far the biggest lie I detected among Topps cards was when I showed a green parallel from when I showed a Frankenstein card and discussed Valerie Hobson who played the Bride of Frankenstein.  The card in question was a 2017 Topps Tribute jersey relic
 Most fans are eager to go online and verify their sticker to find out what game the relic is from
 Upon entering it, you get another code that was authenticated as game used from MLB.

But ultimately that code doesnt match up with the style of relic contained in the card.
I am unaware if Topps and MLB Authentication made more cards with mismatched authentication stickers and origins.

In April 2017 I wrote a post about the below 2013 Franchise Forerunners card featuring Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen.
 This card would be a great card for Pirates fans and baseball fans in general as it featured one of the top five players in the game (Andrew McCutchen) and a rookie year card of Gerrit Cole (who recently signed the largest pitching contract in history)
The back however discusses Allen Webster and Pedro Martinez.
This was an unknown error. No corrected versions were made.

With all those Topps Lies, it is amazing that they still hold the monopoly of licensed baseball products.

Panini is known to make errors as well.
There are multiple parallels to chase for this 2017 Immaculate Collection
The back states that Willie McCovey is the only other Steel City Slugger to post 20+ HomeRuns for more than six seasons.

The lie occurs with the fact that it was Willie Stargell to hit those numbers, NOT Willie McCovey. "Stretch" never played for the Pirates.
This was an unknown error. No corrections were made despite the multiple parallels produced.

Panini, like Topps, has forgotten to put stickers on their cards as well.
I wrote about them here when Cutch was returning to PNC Park for the first time since being traded in 2018.
This was an unknown error and no additional signed or unsigned cards have surfaced since my post.

I hope you all enjoyed this post as I really went head first into finding some "you sit on a throne of lies" cards.

Please be sure to give me some other quotes so I can find some quotes to match up to my 2,600 unique Andrew McCutchen cards.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of errors. I would probably classify the intentional errors as a "throne of lies" more than the true errors. Although, I've learned from Bo's 1981 Topps project just how often those cartoons on the back seem like flat out lies more than simple mistakes.

  2. That's crazy that they forgot to put stickers on cards!

    1. Those two cards are some of the more unique cards in my collection because of the missing serial numbers/autographs.

  3. I've actually never seen Elf - or these errors (except the Immaculate Cutch and maybe the Finest). I've noticed some errors on my own cards while cataloging recently. Just got one from Dennis that looks to have the wrong player text on the back.

  4. I really love those memorabilia cards from Topps that feature the MLB hologram, because it's cool to research the game the piece of memorabilia was used in. I guess it was only a matter of time before one of these contained an error :(