Thursday, December 19, 2019

All Decade Team: 1st Team

I interrupt Buddy The Elf Week to bring some great news regarding Andrew McCutchen. released their list of the best players from the last decade and Andrew McCutchen made the first team along with Mike Trout and Mookie Betts being the other outfielders.  The complete team can be viewed here.

I wanted to do a list unique to this and show my favorite cards I own for each year of Andrew McCutchen

Now in creating this list I wanted to set some parameters so it doesn't become a mirror image of my Top 10 favorite cards.  No relics (game used or manufactured) and no autographs were permitted.  Strictly base cards and color parallels.  Also no 1/1s would be allowed to show off.

This card was a top 5 want for quite sometime before I finally added it to the collection this year.  The black chrome border really makes this card stand out and the oversized rookie trophy is just fantastic.

 The set that has saved the hobby (2011 Update) also had one of the coolest parallels from a Topps product. The Hope Diamond as it was known is numbered to only 60 copies.

I love photo variants.  This one of Cutch and the Pirate Parrot taking batting practice prior to a matchup against the St. Louis Cardinals is so fun.  Bonus points for the Negro League uniforms.

This Select Thunder Alley gold parallel reminds me of those great 90s inserts we all love.

This card was another top 5 want for many years before Nate from Bucstopshere sent it to me as part of an epic trade.  I love this photo variant image of Cutch sliding to catch the ball.

 If Prizm was a licensed product, I think it would be the most popular set produced each year, the same as it is for basketball.  Prizm makes some great parallels to chase each year, but 2015 introduced the tie dye parallel and it is still one of my favorite parallels.
My particular example is jersey numbered.

 This trio of cards is representing 2016 more for what they represent than the actual design.  I own the entire print run of the 2016 A&G mini metals.

 This card wasn't difficult to get. Copies of this Aaron Judge rookie year card can surprisingly still be had for under $8.  This card got me excited because after a year of struggles in 2016, Cutch was back to his MVP style production for a month.  He lead the NL in OPS, on base, and hits for the month.

This is my most expensive card of Andrew McCutchen with a print run over 200.  This card is going for upwards of $70 now.  It was one of the first McCutchen Yankees cards printed and the only 3D style card printed.  If I am looking for a card to represent Cutch in a nonPirates uniform, this is the card that immediately pops in my mind.

 There wasn't a lot of unique inserts or sets that Cutch appeared in this year.  He did have A LOT of autograph releases and even appeared in a few relic sets I was surprised about.  However, this Independence Day parallel of Cutch in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform screams God Bless America.
Best of all it is numbered 17/76, a perfect numbering for our Independence Day parallel.


  1. Automatically thought of you when I saw the list. Very deserving honor for CUTCH.

  2. The independence day card is so cool with the liberty bell in the logo.

  3. Cutch made the all-decade 1st team? That's awesome! I was a bit surprised at first but I'm glad your guy made it over the overated Bryce Harper or one-dimensional Stanton.

    I've never seen a Thunder Alley insert before, that's one of the better unlicensed issues I've seen. The Hope Diamond parallels were one of my faves and the Independence Day card looks phantastic as a Phillie.

  4. $70 for a Cutch card #'d to 200. That's cool that a newer card has managed to hold and increase in value like that. I'm a fan of anything lenticular... so I'm a fan of that set. But my favorite card in this post is the 2019 Independence Day parallel #'d 17/76.

    1. I bought 2 of them as presales for under $10ea. I have no idea why the McCutchen is going for so much.

  5. May need to get that judge for myself sometime