Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Yankees Make A Splash

Crisis Week is on hold until the event comes back January 14th on the final season premiere of Arrow.

But wait, there's a new Crisis....
The Yankees

The off-season signings this year have been way more active than previous years. Already the top 3 pitchers have signed multiyear deals.

The biggest free agent pitcher, Gerrit Cole, signed a record breaking 9 year, $324M deal with the Yankees late last night.  This should be a clear sign to the rest of the league that the Yankees are pushing for the World Series.  The Yankees are closer now to getting their 28th Championship.

I happened to get closer to completing my own Yankees blockbuster yesterday too.

I have shown off a few of these cards before in the past when I showed all my Yankees Cutch cards.
Superfractors are awesome!!!

Base and refractor
Blue /150
Gold /50
Orange /25 and Green /99

And now I have the red.

Getting the red wasn't easy though as there's only 10 available and this one was difficult to find unless of course you're looking for Andrew McCuthen

Yup, thanks to a bad spelling I was able to snag this ultra rare card for only $21 delivered.

I now have 9 of the 10 parallels.
I am only missing the purple numbered to 250 copies.  There's a few on COMC for under $2 so when I do my next order, I'll likely get one then.


  1. As soon as I saw the news about Cole I played the Imperial March in my head. The Evil Empire is back.

    Awesome Cutch cards, btw. It's always nice to take advantage of a typo like that.

  2. Still so thankful I got to see Cutch in a Yankee uniform. I love his Yankees cards.

  3. Ugh. 2019 has been a crappy year. Hearing this news made it a tad bit crappier.