Friday, December 13, 2019

The Cobra Strikes

These MLB Network feature documentaries can be so emotional.

It is a good reminder that we are all human and no matter how great of an athlete you once were, Father Time eventually catches up.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have seen Parker before his Parkinson's got bad.

God Bless You Mr. Parker!!!

Way back in 2013 I showed off a bunch of my autographs and relics of Dave Parker on my old blog Piratestreasureroom.  I jave since doubled that number.


  1. I like nickname autos a lot. Great card.

  2. I saw the teasers for the documentary and I could tell I wasn't going to like what it was going to tell me.

    I'll probably catch it at some point and get all melancholy and write some sort of downer post about my youth disappearing. But, man, a guy who made a throw like that in the All-Star Game should always be able to make a throw like that.

  3. Sad to hear that Parker has Parkinson's. He's definitely one of my favorite Pirates from that era.