Saturday, December 28, 2019

Nacho Nacho Man

I was blessed by a surprise gift from Chris at the blog, Nachos Grande.

I am not sure if Chris is aware of this, but whenever I see his blog title pop up in my reading list I think of this:
Anyway, Chris sent me this package in exchange for the prize pack and Cutchmas gift I sent his way.

 Chris sent me a lot of cards ranging from the 90s to current team.  Brian Giles was acquired for a relief pitcher (Ricardo Rincon) on the downside of his career and went on to have a very nice career.  Aramis Ramirez could be a 1st ballot Hall of Very Good candidate next year.  Jose Lind won a gold glove the same year he committed an error in the 9th inning of Game 7 of the NLCS.  The error ultimately lead to 20 years of losing records.  Carlos Garcia was with the organization for nearly those 2 decades of futility.
 I completely forgot about Don Kelly playing for the Pirates.  He just got hired to be the Pirates bench coach for the 2020 season.  The most notable thing I know about Don Kelly is that he married former Pirates 2nd baseman's sister.  Carrie Walker, sister to Neil, became a professional womans basketball player.

2 new Roberto Clemente cards?!?!!!!
Um yes please!!!
And to wrap things up an octaset of Cutch cards including a 2009 WalMart black card.  I stated I wanted to get more copies of Cutch's 2005 Topps Update and 2009 Topps Update cards for 2020.  Chris gave me a head start towards that goal.

Thank you for the surprise return package Chris.


  1. I love that Nacho song-and Homer's hat. Very catchy. Now I'm mad at myself for not sending you a PWE full of Pirates, I'm so laser-focused on finding Cutch cards you don't have that I don't bother with anything else. :/

  2. I love Homer's hat in that episode. So classic. Jose Lind brings back so many memories of Pirates games I went to in the 80's. I have to admit I was a Garcia fan when he was here. I thought he was going to be good, but it never happened. Thanks for this dose of nostalgia.