Thursday, December 26, 2019


I saw the Portland Address and immediately thought that it was Gavin.  I even emailed him saying I got his Secret Santa package.

Then he hit me with this whammer of knowledge I had no idea about...other people live in Portland...and they blog too.

Rod I apologize.  I didn't see your name on the side of the box immediately.

I opened the package and saw some delightful pink peanuts to keep the package from shifting along with some Paw Patrol (?) wrapping paper.
I have no idea what could be inside, but the smaller package has to be cards I thought.
I immediately went for that...
Roberto Clemente on the top?  This looks promising.  Not much is better than Clemente cardboard.

Well except when you get MULTIPLE new Clemente cards.

Then I went to the oddly shaped package.  When I ripped the wrapping paper, I immediately went into lil kid mode.
I can't believe 1)you found this unique Cutch item and 2)you got it for me.
This is fricking sweet.  Pretty sure I will never use it or remove it from it's packaging to "unlock the pro in mobile game".

One thing I particularly like about this "kid's toy" is that Cutch has his cross armband still being worn.  I wonder if in order for the artwork to be approved by Cutch it had to have that armband.
Here is a closer look.

Rod wasn't done though.  He also included a pair of McCutchen holiday cards.

Thank you so much Rod!


  1. Rod really hooked you up! I'm amazed he found a Cutch item you didn't have.

  2. That's so cool, all those cards of the great Clemente and a surprise to boot... a Merry CUTCHMAS indeed!

  3. That Mojo Band is really different, in a good way of course! I'm surprised that you don't already have a two, one sealed, and one for dinner parties :)

  4. This is awesome. You got hooked up with some sweet stuff!

  5. Rod is a great guy. One of only a handful of bloggers I've had the privilege to meet in person. And he's awesome at finding unique items for people's collections.