Sunday, December 22, 2019

Elf Week: Francisco, that's fun to say

Today's line is "Francisco, that's fun to say. Francisco"
As Brad pointed out when he left the comment, Cutch played in San Francisco for half a season.

I could show off ALL my McCutchen Giants cards, but trust me when I say that would be a huge undertaking.  Remember when I showed that massive post of Cutch only in Yankees uniform?

It would be a Game Changer to highlight almost 250+ cards in one post, though.
Cutch is a pretty special player, but I'm not sure I am prepared for showing off all those cards in one post.  There's so many cards of Cutch in a San Francisco uniform worthy of their own post.

I could show off a bunch of cards that feature him in a Giants uniform that picture only jersey relic cards that feature the famous Golden Gate bridge found on the San Francisco Giants 60th anniversary sleeve patch like you see above (which is part of the card below)

Awhile back I showed off a few cards of Cutch that show him wearing the number 22 for the San Francisco Giants.  You can revisit that post here. The San Francisco Giants will retire #22 for Will Clark next year which means Cutch is the last player to wear the number 22 for San Francisco before it is retired.

I could even just show a few cards that represent Cutch wearing a road jersey that specifically says San Francisco

Or I could only show Panini cards that represent him as a member of the San Francisco baseball club.
I have some nice ones of those...
But that's a lot of cards to show off as well, many of which deserve their own post that I've been drafting since August 2019

How about a card that features Francisco Cervelli on the front and Andrew McCutchen on the back?
I showed off this card  during my Save Second Base Event that featured Jennifer Love Hewitt.  You can revisit it here.

Or there is this 2015 Topps Heritage team card that shows what I believe to be both Cutch and Francisco Liriano in the right corner.
It's a better cameo of both them than this hidden cameo on Wandy Rodriguez' 2014 Topps card.
Oh you don't see Francisco?
That's because Topps cropped him from the right corner and McCutchen from the left.

Francisco, that truly is fun to say...


  1. Damn it, I thought about that comment and then was like "Did he play with anyone named Francisco? Maybe Francisco Cordero or something?" I completed overlooked SF. Duuuhhh.

  2. Six inch ribbon curls, honey.

    (Elf is a STANDARD in this house, so I could drop quotes for months.)

  3. Man those are some sick San Francisco cards!

  4. I never thought about cervelli...

  5. That booklet is insane! I love that Golden Gate Bridge patch.