Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

I am preparing for another wave of cards to go out to people this weekend or early next week.  In addition to my Secret Santa package officially being sent out I have 3 other packages en route to new homes for the holidays.

This pair of 2018 Holiday Bowman cards are meant to represent ugly sweaters or wrapping paper, I'm really not sure.
I actually like parallels like this for holidays.  The green is numbered to 99 and the red is numbered to only 10 copies.
This pair joins the turkey parallel I showed off for Thanksgiving which was numbered to 35 copies.

I still need the /50 snowflake parallel.

2018 Bowman Holiday Box had some fun(ky) parallels to chase.

I hope Topps keeps doing cool parallels like this to chase for years to come.  They're fun and the hobby should have some holiday fun too....

The next two weeks will have specific themes to them.  I am really excited about the week leading into Christmas week. It will be the most fun I've had creating posts since my yearly Save Second Base events.


  1. I had no idea there was a turkey parallel! Awesome!

  2. With the exception of maybe the turkey parallel... I don't think I've come across any of those colored Bowman Holiday parallels before.

    1. Best of luck on acquiring the snowflake parallel!

  3. Thanks again for the package you sent my way.

    I have all my Secret Santa materials in hand as well...just have to actually mail it.