Friday, July 17, 2020

Gum Swag

A few weeks ago I showed off 3 Matthew Rosen "gum art cards."

I recently committed to buying a unique card back that utilizes imagery from the most talked about Andrew McCutchen card in years.  He made the "Swag" SP card into a gum stain on the back of Andrew McCutchen's 2019 Topps Archives card (1958 design).

For those unfamiliar with Matthew's art you can click here for his website.

He takes a card (must be before 1992 or a card design utilizing a design before 1992) and paints a pink "gum stain" on the back of the card. 

He has done everything from the Simpsons versions on the back of Griffey, Strawberry, or Mattingly cards to drawing a large fries on the back of a Mark McGwire card.

He's made moments found in the sitcom Seinfeld immortalized on the back of Jay Buhner and Ken Phelps ("How could you trade away Jay Buhner?") and has made some Keith Hernandez cards too ("Hey Pretty Boy")

After he has drawn the art on the back of the card he puts it in a One Touch magnetic case and seals it with his own sticker to preserve the card forever. 

His creative designs on these vintage style cards are awesome and I absolutely love the art he creates on the backs.

A complete checklist of his cards can be found here.


  1. These are cool! Appreciate how unique they are.

  2. A little out of my budget... but definitely some of the coolest and creative custom pieces of art out there.

  3. I like that he is keeping a checklist.

  4. What a nice weird custom to add to your collection. Does it smell like gum?

    1. Not sure. I don't want to remove the sticker atop the one touch to find out.