Saturday, May 15, 2021

6 years, huh? ok....I'll take it

I made one of my 2021 Goals to add 50 NEW Cutch cards to the collection from his Pirates playing days (2005-2017).  That equates to roughly 1 new pre 2018 Cutch card each week.  I have been (barely) keeping pace with that strategy.  

Supercollecting a player that made his MLB debut in 2009 doesn't sound like there should be too many rare cards that don't pop up.  That's not always true though as every now and then a card pops up for sale that I haven't seen show up for a long time.
This 2014 Prizm Red Prizm card is a short print that doesn't pop up very often.  As a matter of fact it is the first one that has popped up for sale in six years.
The red prizms are limited to only 25 copies.  

The Prizm brand is more popular now than ever and it is based mostly on basketball sales going up to new heights almost hourly.   

It ran me about $12, which isn't bad for such a short printed card.

Have you noticed the prices of earlier Prizm cards go up? 


  1. Truthfully I have not, but did hear about the 2012 Trout Prizm being fairly sought after. Panini would be kicking Topps butt right now with a license, but even with people whining about no logos, it still does seem to be providing a viable alternative to those willing to accept it.

    1. Yeah, OK, it's "whining" to want a card to feature the basic logo representation that you see in every damn baseball game. ... Whether Panini has a license or not is not Panini's fault but until they do, their cards will always be inferior in some collectors' eyes, including mine. I don't care how basketball fans regard Panini products, it only shows to me that they don't know what quality is.

  2. Yes I have. Anything from 2012 can go for some crazy amounts. Someone said the base Brady is worth a lot.

  3. Great pick up, congrats on it. The logo-less cards only bother me a little bit. I've always enjoyed them, and I see that all of Panini's baseball keeps going up up and up.

  4. My buddy told me he's been selling Lebron Prizm cards for crazy money on eBay... but I haven't heard anything about Prizm baseball cards.