Thursday, August 31, 2017

150/150 Man

There are only 8 members of the 300HR 300 Stolen Base club.

Andrew McCutchen currently has played 9 MLB seasons.  Figuring that he will play a 15-20 year career, it is possible that one day he may join the elusive group.

Of the 8 members of the 300/300 club, only 2 are in the Hall of Fame (Willie Mays and Andre Dawson).  Two other players, Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds would be no doubt Hall of Famers if it were not for PED discussions.

There are 44 members in the 200/200 club.  Cutch is 2 homers and 30 swipes shy of joining that group.  It should be a safe bet that he will join that group before his career is done.

Regardless of what becomes of the rest of Cutch's career he currently is in pretty exclusive company with Pirates history.

I am still in search of the /18 Green version, but am happy I was able to grab the /27 version for under $10.  The other two (/9 and /36) I have had for awhile.


  1. Love the look of these. Good luck in finding your missing ones

  2. Hope you find the green and wrap up another rainbow!

  3. I've always like those triple threads relics. Going to have to try and find one of these for myself.