Friday, August 18, 2017

Pushing the Chipz All In!

In my continued pursuit to add more Cutch items to the collection I came across these 6 Topps Chipz.

These neat little oddball collectibles are perfect for my collection as I used to have weekly poker games with friends a few years ago.  When these first came out I remember some went for a lot more money than I was willing to pay out.

Now they can be snagged for a few bucks for lots.  If anyone comes across any of the Cutch Chipz these are the only 6 I have.  I need a lot of the color variants (red, green, blue, magnet, sticker, and glow in the dark).


  1. I have a bunch of these but have no clue how to store them. I just like them up.

  2. Glow in the dark Chipz? Those sound cool. Curious to see what they look like.

    1. Me too. They're on my radar though, but I got so many other things I am trying to get now

    2. I've got a glowing Trout chip. It's kind of a letdown, though. The actual plastic part doesn't glow (THAT would be cool), rather just a tiny glowing area behind the player's head.

      I wish Topps would have put out more of the blue and red chips instead of making them such tough pulls. If guys could actually use them as poker chips, these probably would have been a bigger hit.

    3. I completely agree about making the other colors more available and easier to pull.

  3. Just found the grey version of the one that you have the black version of. I'll set it aside for you.