Monday, August 28, 2017

Out of this world Tek

This would have been a good card to show off for the Eclipse.  Oh well...

Better to be a week late than a weak link...

Or something like that???
I don't know where this post is going...

Just enjoy one of my latest Cutch Tek cards.

I already have all the base card designs and am now starting to track down the different diffractor and color parallels.

It's numbered to only 25 copies and is my 2nd maze parallel I have gotten in the past 2 months.
The orange maze over the diffractor background really makes this card pop.  Something about it reminds me of 80s video games.

Someone who I used to perform metal/punk/hardcore shows with has owned an old school arcade for quite sometime.  With some extra days off for the upcoming Labor Day holiday, maybe I will take the trip to see him.

I got a sudden desire to play Amaze Maze


  1. Whoa, I can imagine that looks incredible in person!

  2. Was Amaze Maze an Atari 2600 game? Completely off topic... a few years ago (early 2000's?)... I was getting rid of my old TV and decided to hook up my Atari with my roommate at the time. We sat around playing Yar's Revenge, Pacman, and Joust. Good times.

    P.S. Cool card. Love how the orange pops off the card.