Friday, August 11, 2017

Shhhhh....speak softly....There's something majestic here

This might sound creepy or weird, but whenever I can add Cutch's laundry to my collection makes me a happy Supercollector.

This pickup features 3 nice swatches of jersey piping along with the Majestic Laundry Tag.

But wait....

It's also numbered to his jersey number (22/25)

This was a nice one to add to the collection.
It's probably not going to make the cut for my top 200 though.


  1. It's probably not going to make the cut? Holy cow. I don't really read Beckett anymore, but when I did they would often feature a Super Collector every month. You should submit yourself. Who knows maybe they'll hook you up with some of the Cutch's they pull from their box breaks.