Thursday, August 3, 2017

All Rise!!!!

Aaron Judge has taken the card industry by storm this year the same way that Bruce Harper, Kris Bryant, Stephen Strasburg, Jason Heyward, Corey Seater, Carlos Correa, etc have done so in past years.

The difference between Judge and all the other players I mentioned...

Judge plays in New York.
The media capital of the United States.

On July 3rd, Aaron Judge was awarded American League player of the month for June.  Cutch won the National League award.

Topps Now offers collectors highlight cards to recognize players of their accomplishments.

I received my Cutch/Judge combo card.
It's my only Aaron Judge card in my collection.


  1. Very nice. This is one of the few I passed on. I actually think I just missed its release. Too bad!

  2. Nice card...I have one Judge card as well, his HR Derby Champ card.

  3. Super stoked to see Cutch win June's National League Player of the Month. That was an epic run he had.

    1. When you raise your batting average 80 points that late into the season, you are on fire at the plate. It's awesome to see Cutch back to his perennial numbers.