Saturday, August 19, 2017

Panini, you unoriginal bums!!!!

You may recall a few weeks ago I made a post about how Topps used the exact same wording for two card backs.

Well, Panini must of thought it was a good idea and did the same thing.  When I saw Spider-Man in theatres, I showed off a card that referenced the webhead on the back.

Little did I realize at the time of that post that I already had a National Treasures card with the same wording AND just a few weeks after publishing that post I would be getting in a new patch with the same wording.

Panini, you unoriginal bums!!!!

Give me something original on the backs!!!

Especially if I am shelling out big bucks for all the variant parallels on the front side.  At least make the backs have some original material.  The most frustrating thing is that National Treasures can cost around $400 a box and Black Friday packs are practically free.