Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Giancarlo can't be stopped

Is it possible to see Giancarlo Stanton homer in every game going forward?  It seems that way!!!

Fortunately for my fantasy baseball team, Giancarlo is playing out of his mind.  He has set a Marlins single season home run record, homered in 5 straight games, and has 251 career home runs in his age 27 season.  Only 12 players in MLB history have accomplished that.  Eight are in the Hall of Fame.  The four that aren't are Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez, and Andruw Jones.  

I have shown off all these cards before when the World Baseball Classic was going on, but with the way Stanton has been playing of late, I thought I could show them all off again.

I have seen a dual patch of the below card instead of dual bat, but am content just having the Stanton bat (for now)

One of the coolest booklets I own is this quad jumbo jersey booklet.  Not only does it feature my 4 favorite NL players, it also has 3 team mates of Team USA who won the 2017 WBC.

Another really awesome card is this 9 player patch card.  This thing is massive and features incredible patches for each player.  The front features Buster Posey, Clayton Kershaw, Jose Abreau, Miguel Cabrera, and Robinson Cano.

Can't go wrong with Stanton, Cutch, Trout, and Kershaw.

Ugh...Yasiel Puig

I'm not sure if Topps just doesn't want to produce more cards of Cutch and Stanton or they don't see the pairing as being compatible on cardboard the same way Panini does.

I would love to see a decapatch card made of the 10 players who won the decisive World Baseball Classic game against Puerto Rico.  That would be awesome!!!

Anyone know any custom card makers who could make such a card?


  1. The Marlins might have the only uniform that looks better without team logos on it. Excellent cards!

  2. Hope the Yanks get Stanton. I already like him, it would just add even more to it