Sunday, August 20, 2017

MLB partners with Little League World Series

Tonight fans across the Nation can watch the Pirates and Cardinals battle it out in Williamsport as part of a initiative to generate interest in youth baseball and the Little League World Series.

I have a bunch of cards that feature Cutch as a younger baseball player, but thought I would show these two off for the event.

First up is a 2013 Triple Play insert

Next up is a Sports Illustrated for Kids tear away card.  I used to have a whole unripped sheet, but seemed to have lost it over the years.  This card is from 2012 presumably June/July time.  Sports Illustrated for Kids was such a fun read when I was younger.  I don't even know if it is still made today.


  1. Yes, it's still around, and still includes cards. There's one blogger who posts them every month (and lately wonders why they haven't done an Aaron Judge yet).

  2. SI for Kids cards are awesome. I love how they publish cards for a bunch of random sports like snowboarding and tennis. They also make sure to include two females each month. My goal is to one day own the entire collection going back to the early 90's.

    1. I always liked the non4 major athletes too. That'd be awesome getting all the cards. I wonder if any other cards are in the Tiger Woods price range.