Monday, October 28, 2019

Bring on a Shark Attack!

We are nearing the home stretch for the 4th Annual Save Second Base Event.
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Today we have another Falco Files segment.  For those that forget a Falco File is when a player replaces Andrew McCutchen (either by trade, jersey number, added to active roster after McCutchen left, etc.)

Cassie Scerbo will be today's subject.

Sometimes she is credited as Cassandra Scerbo

She changes her hair color almost as often as she changes the way she is credited.
One of her earliest roles she was a blonde "guardian angel" in which she died and had to make the most unpopular girl at school become prom queen.  The movie was Teen Spirit and it came out in 2011.

She has recently appeared in the Netflix original Horror Thriller, Truth or Dare
It follows the game we all played as kids, but brings it to epic levels.

Some of the things they have to do to "survive the game" are head turning.
Speaking of head turning...
One of her most memorable roles is playing the character Nova from the Sharknado franchise

If you watched all the Sharknado movies for reasons not just involving Ms. Scerbo I think we just became best friends.  I love those kinds of movies.
Of course seeing Cassie/Cassandra show up in leather bikinis helps

Nova! The Shark Killer!!!!

The Phillies have a minor league team in Clearwater called the Threshers.  A thresher is a type of shark.

This magenta back is from 2018 Topps Heritage Minors of the player who replaced Cutch on the Phillies roster, Adam Haseley
Unfortunately as Cutch was beginning to enter his historically best month to hit, Cutch was injured and out for the season.
Adam Haseley replaced Cutch on the Phillies roster.

Halloween is just a few days away and while Cassie looks amazing dressed up as Wonder Woman she also looks great as a cheerleader which you can check her out on ABC's Grand Hotel.

She plays a recurring role as a Miami cheerleader, a role she is very used to from her days of Bring It On 2.

My favorite football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will be facing off against the winless Miami Dolphins.

Here We Go Steelers! Here We Go!


  1. blonde, brunette, and black hair all work for cass.

  2. OK, had I known about Cassie, I would've watched Sharknado... Happy Monday!

  3. I came late to the Sharknado party - My father-in-law and I were flipping through channels and watched the last half-hour of the 3rd one. It was so ridiculous we couldn't help but laugh! The whole family got hooked and we even had a Sharknado party when the 4th one premiered!

  4. I'm usually into brunettes... but I think she looks better as a blonde.

  5. I don't know her but think I may need to