Friday, October 4, 2019

Cardboard Cameos: A Summer Catch with a King

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  To raise awareness for this terrible disease I will be showing off nothing but pink baseball cards all month long while also showing my favorite celebrities.

Visit the official page to learn how you can make a donation to create awareness and prevent breast cancer.

The battle of the Jessica crushes continues from my younger years.

Hello, Jessica Biel

She began getting recognized for her role on the family TV show, 7th Heaven.
She then started to become a popular choice for "Sexiest Women" type articles and would go on to date other celebrities like Chris Evans (Captain America)

And costar Adam LaVorgna whom she met on I'll be Home for Christmas

but would ultimately end up marrying a generational music talent that she was more in synch with (pun intended).

Appeared In Blade Trinity alongside Wesley Snipes (Blade) and Ryan Reynolds (Hunter King).

The name King appears on the back alongside Andrew McCutchen of this Gregory Polanco card 

After Polanco made a Summer Catch

Speaking of Summer Catch
Jessica Biel was amazing in the movie.



  1. Ridiculous photos! I saw part of a cape cod game this summer and definitely thought of the movie.

  2. Oh yeah, Summer Catch is one of those movies where every time she's on screen you just go "Ohhhh...."

  3. Back to back posts that stirred up memories of Phoebe Cates.

  4. The best pic of Jess, from the movie "Stealth" at the waterfall, oh my.. Whew!