Thursday, October 3, 2019

Cardboard Cameos: 1st Pitch

Don't forget to enter my contest and select who you think will hit the first double in the World Series.

As a reminder all month long I will be showing off pink baseball cards to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  In addition to showing off those cards I will highlight some of my favorite female celebrities.

1 in 8 women will be detected with breast cancer in their lifetime.  To put it into perspective, it is possible that 4 of the lovely ladies I show this month could be detected.

Make a donation to breast cancer awareness.

Let's Save Second Base!

Jessica Alba

Alba was definitely on my list of "women I can cheat with" when I was growing up.
My high school girlfriend and I had a list of 3 people we were allowed to cheat with should an opportunity ever arise and Alba was at the top of that list for me.  Unfortunately it never came to fruition.

Her role in Dark Angel and dressed in all black was well...see for yourself.
its a shame it lasted only 2 seasons.

Her other early roles like Idle Hands

And Paranoid

And Never Been Kissed made me drool over her

Then came Sin City

But unfortunately there was that dud of a Fantastic Four movie mixed in which ultimately almost lead to Alba calling her acting career quits.

Fortunately Good Luck Chuck came along

Today Alba is still ridiculously hot and in 2014 threw one of the sexiest first pitches in Dodgers history.

Look at that leg kick!!!

I wonder if Alba had delivered the first pitch in Starling Marte's career if he would have gone yard.

In case you haven't learned from my other SaveSecondBase, I like to show off a good backside just as much as the front from time to time.
So here is what Andrew McCutchen said about Starling Marte going yard on the first pitch he ever saw.

Pretty amazing indeed...

The pitcher who threw that first pitch HR to Marte is Dallas Keuchel and he will be throwing the first pitch to the Cardinals as the Braves will look to defeat them in the NLDS.

Playoff baseball is back!!!!


  1. All the dudes wanted to touch that backside!

  2. I was at ma here's debut. Back then I didn't even know who he wasq

  3. Alba is right up there with Phoebe Cates on my all-time list.

  4. Bubba bubba. Really became a fan of hers in The Big Blue or whatever water movie that was.