Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cardboard Cameo: Oh Austin, beeeeeehave

The finish line is in sight.  Thank you all for another fun Save Second Base event.

1 In 8 women will be detected with breast cancer in their life.  Early detection is the key.

Thanks to all the comments made we have met the goal of raising $150 to allow one 1 woman a free mammogram.

With Halloween tomorrow I was looking for some Halloween inspiration and noticed a perfect mix of Devil's Night and Halloween.

Elizabeth Hurley is that perfect mix.
Like a fine wine, she has actually gotten better with age.  Look at that body!
Not sure if it's bedazzling mojo or something else, but it is definitely working.
It seems appropriate to show off a woman who played the Devil tonight since it is Devil's Night.
When she played Satan in the Brandon Frasier comedy Bedazzled she took the phrase "hot" to another level.
It is odd that she played the Devil AFTER playing opposite Michael Myers, a name we all associate with Halloween.

However this Michael Myers was carving up laughs in Austin Powers

Oh Austin, behave...

I want to thank Chris from The Collector for pointing out this cameo appearance.
Anyone know what happened to his blog?  I was enjoying his all time roster series.

In researching the card, I learned that it didn't lead to a catch.

It actually lead to one of Cutch's best games offensively when he went 6 for 7 and hitting a walk off homer in extras

Thanks again to Chris for the tip about this cameo.

I hope you enjoyed this Devil's Day production as we lead into Halloween tomorrow.  Michael Myers will not be making an appearance tomorrow.

However if you say a name 3 times, stranger things will happen.


  1. Yeah, I was wondering about Chris' blog as well. I even posted a comment on the last post asking if he was OK, but it was never approved to appear. Hope everything is all right....

  2. Oh yeah. Elizabeth would be in my Top 10 for sure.