Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Mini Jello, Mini Hello

Don't forget to enter my contest and select who you think will hit the first double in the World Series.

As a reminder all month long I will be showing off pink baseball cards to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  In addition to showing off those cards I will highlight some of my favorite female celebrities.

1 in 8 women will be detected with breast cancer in their lifetime.  To put it into perspective, it is possible that 4 of the lovely ladies I show this month could be detected.

Make a donation to breast cancer awareness.

Let's Save Second Base!

Dominique d'Angelo

She's another one of those internet models that got her fame via Instagram.

She was born not too far from where I grew up.

I haven't used Instagram for about 2 years, but images of this young busty beauty certainly can catch your attention.

It caught Bill Murray's attention evidently.
Even when her friends are wearing a jersey of my favorite basketball player of all time (Reggie Miller), she still steals the spotlight.

If you want to see more Dominique her Instagram is @minijello

From Mini Jello to another Mini.

2018 Topps Mini was an online exclusive set.  The set had a print run of 150 cards for all the base.  Among other parallels included this pink mini numbered to only 25 copies.


  1. Nothing mini about today's post. I do follow her on Instagram, and she's amazing!

    Good job!

  2. I have yet to be persuaded to join social media for card trades, etc., but women like this make a compelling argument.

  3. She is definitely eye catching.

  4. She has a very pretty face.

    I know that's not in the spirit of this thing, but that's what stands out for me!

  5. Anyone with Bill Murray is amazing