Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Canadian Friends With Benefits

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As a reminder all month long I will be showing off pink baseball cards to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  In addition to showing off those cards I will highlight some of my favorite female celebrities.

1 in 8 women will be detected with breast cancer in their lifetime.  To put it into perspective, it is possible that 4 of the lovely ladies I show this month could be detected.

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Let's Save Second Base!

Today's subject is Jessica Lucas

She quickly made an impression on me a few years ago when I discovered her in the TV show Gotham,

But it was way back in 2006 that I actually saw her and thought she was hot.  Way back then she played the role of Yvonne in a movie called She's The Man. It starred Amanda Bynes.

"Yvonne" was a member of the school's female soccer team that had just lost all of it's funding.   She is on the far left in the above photo.  She appears later on to impress Channing Tatum's character.

She also appeared in the horror film, Amusement

Gotham is her longest tenured role

She plays the role of Tabitha.

When not looking to run Gotham's underground, she seems to be a fun gal
With a lot of jiggly personality

She has starred in the movie, Friends with Benefits
Who wouldn't want to benefit from being friends with her?
In case you are wondering where this gorgeous woman came from, she was born in Canada

The Pirates needed all the friends they could get to benefit from back to back playoff appearances in 2013 and 2014.  There big off-season acquisition heading into 2013 was Canadian born Russell Martin and on the Eve of the Trade Deadline in 2013 they acquired long time Twin and Canadian born, Justin Morneau.

Unfortunately Morneau left the Pirates following the 2013 season and went on to win a batting title in 2014 with the Rockies.
The Pirates first base production in 2014 dropped considerably.  

Stay tuned next month. You will see this card appear again.


  1. She's The Man was a great movie by the way lol

  2. I definitely recognize her, but don't think I knew her name. Thanks for the info! (and pics)

  3. Haven't seen any of that, and it appears I'm missing out!

  4. Definitely, wouldn't mind being a friend with benefits with her.

  5. I DVR'ed the first season of Gotham but never got around to watch it. The following Black Friday it was on sale for $10 bucks so I got it and erased the DVR recording. I think I have all but the last season now. Still haven't watched an episode. Maybe I'll have to now to check her out.

  6. Never saw Gotham, but she's definitely #SaveSecondBase worthy!

  7. I only watched one, maybe two seasons of Gotham... but I remember her.