Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Glowing Community Effort

We are just over than week away from completing the 4th Annual Save Second Base event.

Donate today! to help with a cure.

Alison Brie is today's subject and this is going to be a fun one.
Since last year's event ended I have wanted to find a way to show off the gorgeous and funny Alison Brie mainly for the above gif.

She has a lot of great gifs and is a true gift to female comedic actresses.

Brie stars in two of my favorite binge shows to watch: Glow and Community (gifs above are from Community)

Glow follows the story of the Glorious Ladies Of Wrestling.  It takes place in the 80s and is absolutely fantastic.
Alison Brie plays the character Ruth who creates a character Zoya the Destroyer.  Her best friend, Debbie (played by the beautiful blonde Betty Gilpin will also make an appearance for the SaveSecondBaseEvent) and her begin to feud as Ruth had an affair with Debbie's husband.

Brie is labeled as the villain of the show and she shines in that role.
Stay tuned in a future post for Betty Gilpin.

Community is a totally different show as it follows a group of people attending a fictional Community College.
It is a very funny TV show that can be seen on Hulu.
Alison's character, Annie, is the perfect mix of adorable and sexy.
There is a bit of anger in Annie too.
At times she also appears sweet and helpful

This 2014 Topps Heritage Logo Swap variant features a pink border.
The "logo swap" variant actually represents the original design used for the 1965 Topps better as seen in the images below.

The back discusses Cutch's work in the community.

Cutch would go on to win the Roberto Clemente award in 2015.

With the World Series kicking off last night it is only a matter a days until we find out who the 2019 Roberto Clemente Award winner is.

Who best served the Community?

On another note, the first double was hit yesterday. Brett Alan correctly guessed Yuli Gurriel would hit the first double and in the bottom of the 1st he laced a double to put the Astros on top 1-2.

Gavin has been dethroned.
There's a new winner for the Save Second Base Contest!

Go celebrate Brett


  1. Allison is adorable. Love light-eyed brunettes the best, especially shaped like her.

    One down, three to go! GO NATS!

  2. Alison is definitely worthy of being featured, and Inlook forward to Betty's appearance.

    Congratulations Brett!

  3. For some weird reason, Alison makes me think of Betty Page

  4. As someone who remembers the original GLOW, I liked the first 2 seasons of GLOW. I kinda got bored toward the end of season 2, maybe should go back to it.

  5. Love Alison! Community and Glow are great. Don't forget Mad Men, where she had a minor role.

    And congrats, Brett, for thwarting my attempt at a three-peat.

  6. Never watched Glow... but I started watching Community a few weeks ago. Only seen six or seven episodes, but I like it so far.

    1. P.S. Thanks for the contest! And congratulations Brett!