Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Jem is truly outrageous. Truly truly truly outrageous...

There is just over a week remaining for this year's Save Second Base Event.

All contest winners packages will ship the first week in November with hopes that the winners link back to my blog and www.nationalbreastcancer.org
Please continue the support and Save Second Base into November.

The Big Prize for my main contest could be decided tonight if a double is hit.
Here are the contestants and who they selected to hit the first double in the 2019 World Series.

Matt-Juan Soto
Nate/BucStops- Anthony Rendon
Gavin-Howie Kendrick
Brad Hill-Trea Turner
Lost Collector-Adam Eaton

APetrelak-Alex Bregman
Jafronius-Jose Altuve
SportCardCollectors-George Springer
BrettAlan-Yuli Gurriel

On a completely unrelated to the World Series note...the NBA season is also scheduled to kick off tonight.
And because of that I am going to show off the bustiest Instagram star that can handle a basketball.
Jem Wolfie
She is an online sensation with her love of basketball, fitness workouts, culinary knowledge, and just really really good looking.
I recently discovered Jem Wolfie because I have become a big fan of the energy drink called Bang.  It has all the energy enhancements of a Monster, Red Bull, etc but none of the side effects like body crashes nor is it loaded with sugars.

The drink comes in a wild assortment of fun flavors like cotton candy, birthday cake, starblast, cherry blade, sour heads, etc.

Had I not done some research on this energy drink I may have missed out on discovering this incredible young entrepreneur.
Jem has created a few businesses thanks to her success online.
In addition to being one of Instagram's most followed models,
She also does a lot of fitness videos
And can dribble a basketball like few other women I've seen in my life.
She has recently begun a fans only site where fans can access exclusive content of her for a monthly fee.
I don't have the desire for that and will stick to following her on more public social media sites.

Her YouTube isn't very active anymore, but there is still this Q&A that she answers questions from her fans
Her Instagram is still her most popular account with nearly 2.5 million followers

In 2018 Topps began putting player's social media accounts on the back of their cards.  That trend continues today.
The 2019 Topps Chrome pink parallel is Cutch's first Phillies card to appear for my Save Second Base event.

Cutch is a favorite among fans for the content he posts on his Instagram account.


  1. Can one of us finally dethrone the mighty Gavin....time can only tell...

  2. She's one of like four different instagram hotties that push that Bang energy stuff. Helga Lovekaty (helga_model) and a couple others I follow.

  3. She is not from The States! Which makes her basketball skills even more impressive.

  4. Watching her dribble is much better than an actual NBA game.

    Good job!

  5. Good luck on the contest everyone!!!!

  6. I stopped drinking energy drinks years ago... mainly because of the crazy amount of sugar. But there have been a few mornings this school year when I needed a pick me up. Might need to try this energy drink out.