Friday, October 11, 2019

Diamond Kings Are a Guy's Best Friend

Don't forget to enter my contest and select who you think will hit the first double in the World Series.

As a reminder all month long I will be showing off pink baseball cards to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  In addition to showing off those cards I will highlight some of my favorite female celebrities.

1 in 8 women will be detected with breast cancer in their lifetime.  To put it into perspective, it is possible that 4 of the lovely ladies I show this month could be detected.

Make a donation to breast cancer awareness.

Let's Save Second Base!

Caroline Vreeland

She is mostly a model today

At one time she was dating Ryan Seacrest.
At one point

She became the face of Steve Madden

She can also act and sing, much like another cultural icon from the 50s that created the term "blonde bombshell".

She got to star in a short film in 2006 called Diary about the life of Marilyn Monroe, where she played the tragic American legend.

One of Marilyn's most famous songs she sung was Diamonds are a girl's best friend in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

I have met a few girls over the years that diamonds are in fact a girl's best friend, but for a collector (with 80s nostalgia running deep in my blood stream), Diamond Kings can be a good friend of mine.

Last year I posted a 2018 Donruss Mother's Day Pink Ribbon parallel as a major want of mine.  I had missed out on the first two I saw hit the open market around release day and feared that I wouldn't see another one pop up for some time.

I was right.

In the calendar year following the first two weeks of 2018 Donruss, ZERO popped up for sale.

Fast forward the first 6 months of 2019 and the trend of ZERO appeared on various forums, eBay, COMC, and sportlots.

Then the hot month of June came.
With the below card finally popping up for sale
Pardon the pun, but Some Like it Hot.
With a winning price of $2.28 delivered, I am so glad that I can check this one off the list.


  1. That DK card is VREEly nice. 😎

    Good job!

  2. Sweet McCutchen. You got it cheap 😛.
    Great job!

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