Saturday, October 26, 2019

Welcome Home!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Visit the official site here.

Breast Cancer will be detected in one of eight women in the US each year.
It is the second leading cause of cancer death among women each year.
On average every 2 minutes a woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer and every 13 minutes one person will die from breast cancer.
There are currently 33 million breast cancer survivors in the USA.

It's important to support the research for cancer.  Breast Cancer is often associated with the color pink so I will be showing off some pink Cutch cards.

In addition, you can expect to see some boobs with each post.  Who doesn't love boobs?

So let's start with what we're hoping to save!

Emily Ratajkowski is the subject today.

With a last name that can earn some serious points on a Scrabble board, it is no wonder why some people may not have heard of her and those that do probably can't spell her name.
Her big break came in 2013 when she appeared as a model/dancer in the music video "Blurred White Lines" which was one of the top songs of that year.
It should be easy to figure out why it became popular.
She went on to become a Hollywood star and model.

She is often seen turning heads at sporting events around Hollywood including Dodgers games and Lakers games.
With the Dodgers getting eliminated by the Nationals she won't be attending any World Series games this year.
Sorry Dodgers fans.

Her acting may not be as good as her looks, but with looks that good, the standard is high

She appeared in a movie called Welcome Home

Cutch got a warm welcome home last year when as a member of the San Francisco Giants he returned to his former home, PNC Park.

In typical Cutch fashion, he laced a double down the left field line and threw a runner out at home.
Fans cheered for the former MVP as he got a standing ovation during every at bat.


  1. I've heard her name a bunch, but don't know if I've ever seen her. Approve.

  2. m'm m'm good. That's how a morning should start out. Imagine waking up next to Emily.

  3. She's a terrific follow on Instagram, but I didn't know she acted in any movie.

    Good job!

  4. Is it any wonder I like the Dodgers?

  5. "Her acting may not be as good as her looks"

    Yeah, Raquel Welch had the same problem. LOL

  6. No idea who she is... but she looks good with glasses.

  7. She is beautiful! Love her look.

  8. Stunning! I actually liked Blurred Lines lol