Sunday, October 11, 2020

"No one likes us, we don't care. We're from Philly, ****ing Philly"

It's football Sunday!!!!
The undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers are hosting the Philadelphia Eagles.  

Today's subject matter is the only female reporter born in Philly that I enjoy.

Hannah Keyser

If you've heard of Hannah, it is most likely because of her Yahoo Sports show, The Bandwagon.

On average once a week she will showcase a team that she is bandwagoning and talk about why you should jump aboard the bandwagon for that team
The show does a great job making each episode relevant to current events going on in the MLB.
Similar to shows on the MLB Network, there are certain catch phrases that are used periodically to make you connect with the show.
Throughout each episode you can catch Hannah interacting with her cast and laughing.  

In addition to providing a lot of laughs and fun emotions on The Bandwagon, Hannah's twitter account is a fun read as well.

She has worked for Yahoo Sports and Mentalfloss while also being a writer for various other outlets across the nation.

Originally from Philadelphia she has claimed her father used to take her to the Vet (Veteran's Stadium) when she was younger and that she had a pet lizard named after Lenny Dykstra.

Since the Steelers are hosting the Eagles today (with fans in attendance), I thought it would be fun to show off someone born in Philadelphia and show off a pink card of Cutch's new home, Citizens Bank Park.
The Steelers last hosted the Eagles back in 2012 that I attended and the Steelers won. (I don't want to talk about the 2016 matchup where the Eagles destroyed Pittsburgh in Philadelphia).  A lot has changed since then. but I feel safe in saying Andrew McCutchen is probably still a Steelers fan.  He recently did a hype video for the game which you can see here.

Who are your favorite Philly area celebrities?

How is your football team doing this year?

Do you have any same state rivalries that you want to see happen more regularly?


  1. My football team is well....

  2. Go Steelers! Actually, I'm finding it hard to care about football this year but I am a Steelers fan and will probably try and watch at least some of the game.

  3. Maria Bello is from Philadelphia. I've always liked her, especially in a movie called "Payback" w/ Mel Gibson.

    My Lions are horrible, again, and have a bye week today.

    I think the Steelers and Eagles should bring back the "Steegles" for one pre season game. Now, that, would be fun.

    Good Job. 👍

  4. My favorite team is 1-2-1. I'll definitely check back here if they win today.

  5. The Bengals still stink, but Joe Burrow looks like the real deal to build around. They need to invest heavily in the O-Line, or else he's going to die.

  6. Well, I'm a New York is the one sport where I root for both teams, although more Giants than Jets. That can come in handy in years like this one where the Giants are absolutely terrible...unless the Jets are even worse, which they are!

  7. Bills fan! Waiting for their opponent to get their covid shit together so we can see if my Bills can remain unbeaten! Also, most Buffalo fans are enjoying that the Giants and Jets are a collective 0-8.

    I just discovered Hannah Keyser on Twitter. I'll see how that goes. Back in the '70s I would've said my favorite Philadelphia native was Bill Cosby, but you know how that went. Today I'll go with Roy Campanella and Suzy Kolber!

  8. The Bandwagon sounds like a neat concept. I might have to check it out.

    I can't think of any female celebs from the Philly area, so I'll name Will Smith and Bradley Cooper to rep the city.

    M favorite football team is killing it so far. I'm predicting another 13-3 season for GB before the inevitable blowout loss in the NFC title game. I think it's Seattle's tun to embarrass us lol.

  9. A. I'd have to look up which celebrities are from Philadelphia.

    B. Hate to jinx it... but so far I'm happy with both of my football teams. One of them is on a bye this week... and the other plays a team I really dislike. Crossing my fingers for the win.

    C. In-state rivalries? I feel like California has plenty of those to go around. Just in my area we get A's vs. Giants and Cal vs. Stanford. Plus there's the who battle against Southern California.

  10. Here's my pink card post:

  11. The Bills have been playing great to start the year! I'm trying not to get too excited though - they have a tendency to start great and finish flat. Still, this could be a special year!

  12. The Cardinals started the year off well, but then struggled and looked bad. Seems like they will be up and down all year and end up middle of the road. Next year ,with Murray having another year under his belt, though I think they will be great.