Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Hope for another Lost Season

First of all congrats to the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans.  They appeared in their 3rd World Series in 4 years and won it.  A lot of the off-season will be discussing the Rays decision to pull Blake Snell in Game 6 after a 2 hit shutout with under 75 pitches, but let's not take away from the Dodgers ability to capitalize on opportunities.  Congrats to all the Dodgers bloggers.  I look forward to your posts over the next few days.

I will do a full Dodgers recap next week after my Save Second Base event is over.

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I have focused primarily on cards that only feature Andrew McCutchen on the card, but in recent years have also featured cards with a cameo appearance (either being seen on the card or as a name cameo on the back of the card).  Last year I created Falco Files which discussed players that replaced (Shane Falco Replacements movie reference) on an active roster, number worn, or trade.  I will continue to utilize these styles of posts as we celebrate the 4th Collecting Cutch Save Second Base event (I am no longer counting my first run on the Pirates Treasure Room I did back in 2014.)

Evangeline Lilly
I absolutely loved Evangelline's character Kate in the TV show Lost.  The show had my attention week after week (until the final season).

She also appeared in a movie about hobbits, elves, and rings, but I am not a huge Lord of the Rings fan so The Hobbit just never struck my fancy.
The film series never grabbed my attention and I have no anti-elf bias.
I don't know what this gif is all about, but I like it.
This one is pretty good too.
In addition to playing my favorite female character in my all time favorite TV show she has also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a fan favorite character.

She has played Hope Van Dym, aka the Wasp, in three movies in the MCU.
She also appeared in another of my favorite movies, a movie that to this day makes me smile at the end just like I do every time I watch Field of Dreams.  
The movie I am referencing is Real Steel and it focuses on Charlie (Hugh Jackman), a former boxer, reconnect with his son on a robot fighting circuit and rekindle a connection with Bailey (Evangenine Lilly) in the process. 
When I think of Real Steel, I think of the Pirates winning.

2018 saw the Pirates return to a winning season, but it also saw former rotation classics Gerrit Cole and Charlie Morton become All-Stars with the Houston Astros.  It also saw the former face of the franchise, Andrew McCutchen, get traded (twice).  On the back of this 2018 team card, it is discussed about some positives the 2017 season saw develop in the Steel City.  Some may have viewed a losing season in 2017 as a disappointment for a club that won nearly 100 games as recent as 2015.
I didn't view it as a lost season though as it gave fans a proper send off of this generation's greatest player to represent the Steel City. Andrew McCutchen hit his first Grand Slam and had 8 RBIs in his final homestand at PNC Park.

The 2020 Pirates season just wrapped up last month and based on the current rules, the Pirates will have the number one pick in the 2021 MLB Draft based on their .316 winning percentage.  Yes in a 60 game season, the Pirates failed to win 20 games.  That would have been a 51-111 record if playing a full 162 season.  

To steal some puns from Evangengine Lilly's acting career, there is HOPE that this LOST season will bring a brighter future for REAL STEEL City fans and maybe one day the Pittsburgh Pirates will be LORD OF THE (World Series) RINGS.

On a completely unrelated note, I do have an autograph of Evangengine Lilly along with a screen worn relic.  
***Sorry, these are not part of any items you can win this month.  I just wanted to show them off***
Leave a comment below if you watched Lost or either of the Ant-Man movies.  If so, who were your favorite characters?

Do you collect cards from any movies or TV shows? Which ones?


  1. I did watch LOST, I guess Matthew Fox character was my favorite. Didn't see any of the ANTMAN films.

  2. I was definitely a Lost fan, though I wasn't smart enough to keep up with all the twists and easter eggs and whatnot. Eve Lilly was definitely a fave though. I haven't seen any of her movies but I'm glad she's still getting great roles and giving us great gifs lol.

  3. A personal favorite of mine as well. Loved her in Lost.

  4. Watched every episode of Lost from the start of the series, back when there was no binging. Thanks for showcasing her.

  5. I forgot she was in the Hobbit. She and Paul Rudd have good chemistry in the Marvel movies, so I'm hoping a 3rd Ant Man eventually gets made.

  6. I wanted to win her auto sigh. I watched her in lost but only watched 3 seasons before it lost me

  7. Nice card. Never saw an episode of Lost. And I don't collect it if it isn't baseball!

  8. Nice. I do collect Non-Sport cards of TV shows and movies. I watched Lost during the first season and part of the 2nd season. It confused me more than entertained me. Around the time they started the plot with the second group (with Michelle Rodriguez) was when I started tuning out of Lost. I have thought of getting the DVDs cheaply and binge watch the whole thing. Maybe I will someday, maybe I won't. It has been a long time since I've watched a DVD as I think my player needs replacing.

  9. Hey, somebody I've heard of and have seen in something! Loved the Ant-Man movies. The second one is actually my 2nd favorite film the MCU.

    She's got a great look to her as well.

    I do collect MCU cards, when I can find them, which is rarely. Don't do a whole lot of TV & Movie stuff otherwise.

  10. I never watched Lost. I assumed the plot couldn't last more than a season or two without getting weird...and it did. Plus you couldn't have guest stars with the basic new hot chick comes around in season 4...where was she for the first 3 years?

    I did enjoy her in the MCU and Hobbit movies, though!

  11. I also have never watched Lost. Loved her in the Ant Man movies. The second was the best. I have watched all the Lord of the Rings movies, but did not realize that was her. Shows you what long hair and big ears can do to a pretty face.

  12. Man, I have to see the second Ant-Man. The first one was excellent.
    Never got into Lost, but noticed her in the cast. She's one of those ladies that you see often, but then look close and go "OMG she's so exquisitely gorgeous!" Especially when they do roles that aren't so glam. (see also Lauren Cohan)

  13. Oh man I had such, had right, crush on Evangeline Lilly. I loved Lost, up until the final terrible last season. What a disappointment that show went out on. I blame the writes strike. Ahem. Great job this month.

  14. Nope, never watched Lost. ... I do casually collect cards based on TV shows, sometimes movies, but they're usually from a long time ago and just here and there.

    It's really unfair how perfect Evangeline Lilly looks. And, yes, I know that I sound like a woman saying that.

  15. I think I watched the first season of Lost, but couldn't tell you much except it involved a plane crash, an underground room, and a really hot Asian woman. And I've seen all of the MCU movies... including the Ant-Man movies. Not sure I have a favorite character though. And I collect tons of non-sports cards. My favorites would be the 1977 Topps Star Wars set.

  16. I am a huge fan of Lost. Hard for me to pick a favorite. All of the main characters were great in their own way. If I had to pick one I would go with Hurley.