Friday, October 23, 2020

All Rise for the DJ

There is only one week left in my 4th Annual SaveSecondBase event.  I have close to 30 pink cards all ready to go for next year along with some cool prizes planned. 

Simone Missick
Simone has recently begun getting starring roles since her breakout in Cage.
She studied acting under Alan Rickman in England.
I first discovered her when she was playing the cop Misty Knight in the Marvel Netflix Universe. 
She first appeared in Cage, then went to have cameo roles in The Defenders and Iron Fist.  Her character Detective Misty Knight lost her arm in battle and had a prosthetic arm replaced by Danny Rand, the street fighter millionaire Iron Fist.

She has recently gained a recurring role in Netflix Altered Carbon
If you're into more of the traditional "real life" type shows instead of superheroes and cyberpunk futures, you can catch her on CBS' All Rise on Monday nights.

For baseball fans when you hear the term All Rise you probably think of Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees.  Some people probably forget that Andrew McCutchen was a member of the Yankees for just over a month.  Unfortunately due to a Jacoby Ellsbury contract he was forced to wear jersey #26 instead of his conventional #22.

Following the 2018 season, the Yankees signed former National League Batting Champion and three time gold glove recepient, DJ LeMahieu, to a two year contract.  DJ took over the number 26 jersey left absent by McCutchen signing with Philadelphia.  This qualifies as a Falco File as DJ replaced Cutch's jersey number.
Above is a 2019 Topps Chrome pink refractor of DJ LeMahieu.
You'll notice a fun stat on the back about DJ hitting .313 over his first 50 games.

313 is the area code for Detroit, Michigan.
Detroit is the birthplace of Simone Missick.
What are some of your favorite law shows, past or present?

What fan favorite players on your team had a number replaced by an even better more fan favorite player?


  1. I still think it was a farce that Cutch wore 26 with the Yankees because Ellsbury had 22. The guy hadn't been seen in two years.

    Tino always wore 23 with the Mariners, but when he came to NY to replace Mattingly, he wore 24 (obviously 23 wasn't going to be issued). I think I recall he did that to honor Griffey, but I can't seem to find anything about that.

  2. I remember her from the Luke Cage series - she was one of the better characters in it.

  3. I'm still not over the Tigers allowing Sparky Anderson wear #11. No one should've wore it once Bill Freehan retired.

    Law & Order is the King of all Law Shows.

  4. Never heard of Missick... but she's gorgeous. Favorite law show? Uhh... Night Court? As for trading for a better player... I can't think of any recent trades where the A's landed a much better player in the trade. I'm sure there are... but my brain is fried right now.

  5. Good looking gal. I'm not familiar with her but definitely worthy of showing off here. Good post.

  6. Law & Order

    early years of The Practice

  7. I love DJ LeMahieu even though I cannot spell his last name.

  8. I haven't watched any of her shows, but she's beautiful. Love the .gif of her punching.

    I think LA Law is still my favorite legal show. Also like L&O (the mothership) and I'll second Elliptical Man's vote for the early years of The Practice, or as we call it "Everybody Stalks Lindsey". It got too over the top in later years but the early years were really good. Suits was a good show but I wish they had done more courtroom stuff. OHHHH...almost forgot Shannon's Deal, a shortlived show with the great Jamey Sheridan. Wish I could see that again!

  9. NCIS RUNS, Blue Blood, some of the CSI's. No player/jersey comes to mind. Simone.....lot of dynamite in that package.

  10. I never got into law shows much, guess I am not smart enough, probably. I am starting to really like Lemahieu though. My kind of hitter.

  11. Just binge watched Suits on Prime and loved it!