Saturday, October 17, 2020


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I have focused primarily on cards that only feature Andrew McCutchen on the card, but in recent years have also featured cards with a cameo appearance (either being seen on the card or as a name cameo on the back of the card).  Last year I created Falco Files which discussed players that replaced (Shane Falco Replacements movie reference) on an active roster, number worn, or trade.  I will continue to utilize these styles of posts as we celebrate the 4th Collecting Cutch Save Second Base event (I am no longer counting my first run on the Pirates Treasure Room I did back in 2014.)

So let's look at a celebrity and see if we can connect her to an Andrew McCutchen baseball card...

Today's subject is
Yaani King
Yaani was born in Flatbush, NY in 1981 and has been acting since 2002.

She is best known for her role as Neely Lloyd on Saving Grace, but has also lent her voice to videogames and animation.
Her most recent acting stint was on a Netflix series called Sneakerheads.
It is a comedy about the sneaker culture.  It shows the addiction of flipping for the hobby and also for the thrill of the hunt.

Topps dove into the sneakerheads mindset and really tapped into the flipper hobbyist with their Topps Project 2020 cards.

One of the most popular and fan favorites of the 20 artists is Blake Jameson. Blake has found a way to interact with his fans on a nightly basis (10:23pm on his YouTube) and has been leading the charge for more art based projects at Topps.

Early on in the project, Blake was trying to get known investor Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee to join the project and support it.  One night he opened 3 boxes of Gary Vee's 2019 National card sets and spray painted all over the cards asking for Gary not to sleep on the project.  I reached out to Blake's rep and a few days later had these three McCutchen cards in hand.
You can see gold, pink, yellow, and blue on the cards.

Have you bought any Topps Project 2020 cards?

Are you into the Sneakerhead culture?


  1. No and no.

    There's a Jackie Robinson I kind of like, but I don't know who the artist is.

  2. I own many pairs of Nikes, but not a sneakerhead. I’ve got the full run of Project 2020 Jeters so far.

  3. No interest in Project 2020, even with George Brett being one of the subjects. I'm just not into recycled cards. My only interest in sneakers is finding ones that are well-cushioned, fit my wide feet, and will last. There are few things I dislike more than shopping for shoes.

    Wasn't familiar with Yaani King, but I hope she'll turn up in something I watch!

  4. I have one Topps 2020 of Koufax and Robinson each. That will probably be it. Some of the artistry is quite good. Some is awful.

    I've bought my sneakers at places like Payless all my life. Sneakerhead culture is weird and baffling to me.

  5. That would be a double no, a no no if you will.

  6. i cant get into those cards by blake. Just can't.

  7. I'm not a sneaker guy but the show sounds intriguing. The flipping aspect is something we're all familiar with unfortunately. I wasn't familiar with Yaani King though.

  8. I definitely have a collection of shoes, but I'm not a sneaker head. None of my shoes are worth big money. As for Project 2020, I think I've purchased seven in total.

  9. I've not seen either of the Netflix series you mention, and I'm not a sneakerhead. I do own too many hats though.

  10. She's new to me and thanks for sharing. She is definitely worthy. ;) Great post.

  11. I grabbed one McGwire from 2020. That's plenty at those prices. And no, I never got into the sneaks stuff.