Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Eldest Celebrity Still Makes Me Blush

There's only 10 days left of my 4th Annual Save Second Base event.  We had another contest winner last night when Justin Turner hit the first double of the 2020 World Series.  All contest prizes will ship the first week of November.

Today we will look at teenage crush of mine, Laura San Giacomo
In my teen years I fell in love with the character Maya Gallo from the sitcom, Just Shoot Me.
Her geeky and smart business look coupled with a set as big as my head caused me to go through many VHS tapes prior to being an adult. I taped a lot of episodes just to watch "Maya".
Laura's character was the star of the show and as the series progressed and aged, Laura got more sexy in each season.
She reached her peak in Season 3 in my opinion
Slow Donnie is one of my favorite episodes.  The entire series is available for streaming on Hulu.

One of her first theatrical releases was playing the friend of Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman

I don't think she ever had a modeling career
But that was an opportunity wasted for many photographers.

She also appeared in Stephen King's miniseries The Stand

 One of her more recent regular roles was a recurring character on Saving Grace.
 She played the role of Rhetta Rodriguez.

She has also recently appeared in two seasons of NCIS in 2018.

Back in 1989 she appeared opposite Tom Selleck in Quigley Down Under

The soon to be 58 year old began studying acting at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh back in 1984.

That same year a monthly publication would be released featuring a former Pittsburgh Pirate.  While the printed form of the magazine isn't as significant as it once was, the name is still very much a part of our hobby.
Image of Beckett Monthly issue 1 featuring Roberto Clemente taken from a Mercari auction. I don't own a copy of this magazine yet, but it is on my wishlist.

I own a few issues of Beckett, but I own only one set of printing plates used to produce a cover to it.
This is the magenta printing plate used to produce the cover to the December 2013 issue of Beckett Baseball.

What were some of your favorite magazines?

Who are some of your favorite actresses pushing 60?


  1. Helen Hunt I used to major crush on

  2. Not sure if I have a favorite actress. But Jodie Foster, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, and Monica Bellucci are all in their 50s.

  3. Been a long time since I actually read a magazine, but I like Time, Sports Illustrated, Beckett, and Entertainment Weekly.

    My late 70s crush, Barbara Cooper, a.k.a. Valerie Bertinelli, is 60.

  4. I grew up loving Sports Illustrated and Beckett and SCD, etc. That's pretty special you have the printing plate!

  5. Maya was always a favorite. Basically the only reason I watched Just Shoot Me.

    Favorite magazines: Sports Illustrated, Inside Sports (back in the day), Baseball Magazine (back in the day), Baseball Cards Magazine (back in the day). Spin (remember them?), Rolling Stone (somewhat). Oh, and Beckett Vintage Collector -- I write for them!

    Actresses that are ... uh, my age ... who captured my interest: Phoebe Cates, Teri Hatcher, Selma Hayek, Yasmine Bleeth, Helen Hunt, Tatum O'Neal, Diane Lane, Justine Bateman, Courteney Cox, Gina Gershon, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Michelle Johnson.

  6. Sweet Cutch printing plate. Definitely not one you ever hear about. Laura has always been someone I noticed and I think Quigley Down Under was where she became a gal I wanted to know more about. Great gal to show off. Thanks for the fun post!

  7. Baseball Digest, Tuff Stuff, Baseball Card Magazine, Beckett, SPORT, The Sporting News, Stuff, and Maxim.

    Ming-Na Wen is turning 57 next month. Does she count? If so, Phoebe Cates (57) too.

  8. I got burned on one of those multi-subscription plans many years ago, so the only magazine I get now is Hemmings Classic Car.

    The previous commenters reminded me about Yasmine Bleeth and Ming-Na Wen, Monica Belucci, and Salma Hayek. Also in the top ranks are Jaclyn Smith, Lynda Carter, and Catherine Bach.

  9. That gif from The Stand is jaw-dropping.

    Helen Hunt was one of my faves in the '90s. I've always liked Julia Louis Dreyfus. I'm planning to binge watch Veep next time I have a week off.

  10. Favourite Magazine now - Macleans. Favourite of all time would be Nintendo Power or WWF magazines. The Nintendo Power ones are gone, but I still have my well loved WWF magazines.

    Favourite actress pushing 60...Helen Hunt and Teri Hatcher would probably top the list.

  11. Oh Maya :). No fav mags. As for aging beauties, I can agree with damn near all of the ones already mentioned.

  12. Very cool plates! That’s really neat.

    I still get SI for Kids...for the cards! Highlights is the greatest magazine ever.

  13. Loved Just Shoot Me! Excellent choice indeed! Those printing plates for the Beckett are did you get them? Is there a post?

  14. Those Beckett printing plates are awesome!