Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Today is the 100th #SAVESECONDBASE post (not counting recaps or contest previews) on CollectingCutch.  I really committed to this event back in October 2017 and it has grown more and more each year.

Thank you all so much for following along on the blog and Twitter as I try to raise awareness.  This year looks to be the most popular event I have run thus far and I think we may be on pace for me to make a donation to help several women get a mammogram.  That is awesome!!!!  Keep the comments coming because for every comment (non spam and not by the owner of the blog) I am donating $1.  

I have shown off lots of cards with pink shades since I started doing this on the blog in 2017.  I've had a lot of fun coming up with different ways to incorporate contests into the action too.  As we get closer to the World Series, I will be running my yearly 1st Double contest (stay tuned on that though).  

So far this year I have shown only 1 name cameo on the back of a card and the rest have all been Andrew McCutchen cards.  Part of the fun for me with these posts is finding those name cameos on cards so expect those cameo numbers to increase over the next week.

Again, I just wanted to thank everyone for the support and for spreading the awareness.  The more pink cards I am seeing on the blogs this year shows that we are doing what I always hoped would happen.  If you find it possible, please go support and donate to National Breast Cancer Foundation

With all that out of the way, let's get into the subject matter for today...

Eliza Taylor

Eliza is an Australian actress born in 1989.  She had done some work for Australia TV and moved to Los Angeles where she was eventually discovered for a leading role.

Her most famous role was entirely by accident though as she hadn't even auditioned for CWs The 100.

The producers of the show had seen some of her work and asked her to come in for a reading.  This was at a point in her life where she had no money and her credit cards had been stolen.  Shortly after reading for the show, she became the breakout star.

She starred as Clarke in The 100 (available for streaming on Netflix).  The show takes place hundreds of years in the future where the Earth had become inhabitable.  The space station known as The Ark has elected to send 100 of the prisoners to Earth to investigate if it can be lived on.  This is due to The Ark not having enough supplies to continue and support those living on it.

This 2015 Topps Heritage mini is numbered to only 100 copies. 

The front of the mini looks identical to a card I showed off last year

Did you ever watch The 100?

Do you collect minis?


  1. Never heard of the show or the actress. I guess I collect minis in that I have several in my collection. But I'm not a fan of the A & G ones as I don't like their size and I don't like the product.

  2. Never watched The 100. Seems like it might be interesting though.

    Not a fan of mini cards.

  3. Congratulations on post #💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Not a CW watcher, but I do like mini cards, and like when I can find a Tigers player.

    The first minis that were cool were the 1975 Topps minis.

    p.s. Thanks for giving me another follow on Instagram.

  4. I'm pretty sure I watched the first episode of this show (maybe 2 or even 3), but didn't follow through on it. As for minis... of course I do. No size discrimination going on in my collection.

  5. Never saw the show...too bad ~ rowr!

    Minis are OK, but they are the main trade bait that I use to finish the regular size cards. Only PC guys and inserts stay with me.

  6. The 100 is one of those shows I see pop up all the time when I'm scrolling through Netflix, think to myself it might be worth a try, and never actually select. Stuff by the CW can be very hit or miss.

  7. I did watch a few of those shows with my daughter when I was visiting my home earlier in the year.

  8. Congrats on 100! She is a beautiful gal and those gifs... Minis are NOT my thing. I have no love for them. I know others really like them but just say no...

  9. Re: The 100. No, I almost never know what you're talking about when you mention shows.

    Re: Minis. If they're from 1975 or A&G in nature, then chances are good I'll collect them. Otherwise, not really.

  10. Congrats on post 100! I dont seek out minis as they are annoying to store but if they show up I wont turn them down

  11. I have watched all of The 100 - the first season was great, and I would say through about season 4 was really solid. It went 7 seasons and definitely didn't need to. They made it okay, but just way to frayed the last couple seasons, trying to do too many big things, and not tying them together as well as I thought they could. If you enjoy good sci-fi though, definitely check out at leas the first season.

  12. I have never heard of the show.

    I don’t like minis. I’ll take the ones of my guys (Tino, Gleyber, etc), but don’t like them otherwise.

  13. Congratulations! You're doing a lot of real good with this event.

  14. I haven't watch The 100, but after reading your synopsis, I think I'm going to give it a try. Sounds interesting.

  15. I watched a couple seasons of the 100. Sorta trailed off though.