Saturday, October 10, 2020

Falco Files: Who you callin' a homewrecker?

Here we are October 10th!!!
A third of the way through already.  Time sure does fly when you're having fun.  

Not counting the 6 comments made by myself or a spam comment we have raised $115 thus far just for this blog.  I still have to go through all the comments posted for people that posted pink cards on their blogs to see how many more additional dollars will have been raised.  This year will definitely be the biggest donation I've made yet. Thank you all so much for helping to spread the awareness and posting those comments and pink cards!!!   I hate to have to do this, but I will need to cap the donations at $400.  Let's see how fast we can get there!

Let's dive into today's subject and card, shall we?
Marina Diamandis
She is a singer and songwriter from London.

She was born October 10, 1985 so today marks her 35th birthday.

Shes certainly got a set of pipes on her...

(The image above reminds me of something from a Silverhawks cartoon)
She seems like a fun gal.
Her hit single is Homewrecker

Bryan Reynolds, a part of the Andrew McCutchen trade, was a bit of a Homewrecker too. Reynolds made his MLB debut against the Giants, the team that drafted him, and laced a single for his first career hit. The Pirates would win 3-1.

A few months later Reynolds would embrace his new home even more by getting his 1st Walk Off Winner.

Bryan Reynolds looks to be a fixture for the Pirates for the next few seasons as he was part of the trade that sent McCutchen to San Francisco.


  1. Another new one for me! Brian Reynolds is a really solid hitter. He always has low hit numbers on sportsbooks and I tend to take "over .5 hits" for him.

  2. She seems nice. I'm hoping Reynolds breaks out as I have some RCs of his.

  3. Have you featured Brooke Langton, from The Replacements?

  4. I was introduced to her when my daughter was in high school. She liked Miranda and the Diamonds. Her music is catchy and eccentric. But my guess is my daughter no longer follows her.

  5. Never, ever heard of her. Reynolds feels like he'll be a solid MLB player. At least I hope he will be.

  6. New to me but here's hoping we get to 400!

  7. The photo of Marina flipping the bird reminds me of a young Sarah Silverman... which isn't a bad thing. I've been a huge fan of Silverman for years.

    Btw... totally forgot about Silverhawks. Vaguely remember that cartoon from my childhood.

  8. New to me as well. Good intro though.