Saturday, October 24, 2020


Today we will be looking at...

Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin has been in the public eye since she was 9 years old and starred as Bindi, The Jungle Girl.

She is the daughter of the legendary Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter

She has starred in Free Willy 4 (I didn't even know they made a 2 or 3).

During the 2020 Coronavirus, Bindi married her long time boyfriend at the Australia Zoo.

She had worked with her late father when she was younger and honored him on Dancing With The Stars when she danced to Crocodile Rock

I had plans to do this post last year and even drafted it back on October 5, 2019.

Finally got around to completing it.
Celebration dance!!!

Her father's famous saying was "Crikey"
The Pirates have a pitcher with a nickname of Cricky.

Kyle Crick was part of the trade package the Pirates received when they sent their generational talent and face of the franchise, Andrew McCutchen, to the San Francisco Giants for the 2018 season. 

This is one of only 2 Kyle Crick cards I have in my collection, the other being a 2019 Topps Heritage.

Did you ever watch the Crocodile Hunter or any of Bindi's shows?

What is your favorite wild animal?

What player trade hurt you the most emotionally?


  1. Bindi has a similar look to former gymnast Shawn Johnson, especially in the first pic you posted. I don't think I have a favorite wild animal, but I like the jungle cats generally.

    The Mookie Betts trade comes to mind immediately. I'm not as emotional about it as I would have been ten years ago, but it still sucks.

    1. *I meant the third pic. Didn't scroll all the way up, apparently.

  2. The 76ers trade of Charles Barkley to the Suns.

    I don't know if there is one in baseball. I should hate the Julio Franco trade, but I don't even remember him as a Phillie. Padres have had a few, but they were never my #1 team.

  3. Man, she really is beautiful. I never much watched the Crocodile Hunter, but when I taught my SAT classes there was a reading passage about a wild animal and I'd read it in a Crocodile Hunter voice and get a big laugh from my students. Had to stop when he died, and we don't use that passage anymore anyway.

    I suppose the trade that hurt the most was when we traded Tom Seaver away. It's hard to remember, because I was so young, but that was a dark day for Mets fans.

  4. Caught a few episodes. The Big cats. The Braves have traded so many away over the years that I couldn't pick get used to it after awhile. Bindi, she packs a pair for sure.

  5. I remember the day I heard that Steve Irwin died. Was in a hotel in Bahrain....crazy how that stuff sticks. Was a fan of his show for sure...such passion.

  6. Her Dad was hilarious. She's definitely grown into a beautiful young lady.

    As a Detroit fan, I've gotta be a fan of the Tigers and the KING of the Jungle, right?

    Not sure any trade hit me emotionally, however, the retirement of Michigan Football Coach Bo Schembechler after the 1989 season was not such a happy time. Bo was my first favorite football coach, and when he died I didn't want to go into work, but I did. I think No would've wanted it that way.

    Good Job 👍.

  7. No, don't watch the show. Human is my favorite wild animal. And trades... McCutchen to the Giants and then to the Yankees? Both hurt.

  8. The only time I remember watching Crocodile Hunter is when a pretty gal friend of mine I invited me to a small New Years Eve party and we watched a CH marathon instead of the usual New Years fare.

    Roger Clemens was my favorite Red Sox player, and I actually accepted it well when he signed with the Blue Jays. When they traded him to the Yankees however...that sucked. I haven't officially had a favorite player since.

  9. Wasn't a big CH fan, but I've seen a lot of the recent Crikey! It's the Irwins. Bindi is such a sweetheart, and sexy enough to make you feel guilty.

    Can't think of any favorite players that got traded, so for the moment I'll go with the O's flushing everyone including Adam Jones and Manny Machado.

  10. Never really watch Crocodile Hunter, but it just seemed like he was everywhere for a while. His ESPN commercial where hi wrestles the Florida Gator mascot is awesome. The Goldschmidt trade hurt me the most. I knew it was coming, but it still hurt.